And Then Life Gets In The Way.

I haven’t been posting for a while! It’s because I have been trying to adjust to the fact that we are becoming grandparents. As you know, we have three girls, ages 17 to 25. We found out our 17yr old is pregnant, which was shocking. We never thought we would be dealing with teen pregnancy.

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When something like this happens, life almost comes to a complete halt. We went from talking about her wanting to spend time in South Korea for a holiday to seeing her break down over badly cut onions due to uncontrollable hormones. So, the plans have changed a little they now coincide with being a mother. It includes my daughter finishing high school and enrolling at the local community college until she can figure out if she wants to attend the university near our house.

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The most important goal right now is to be super supportive of her needs while helping her hit the statistics that follow the path of children finishing high school and college with a baby. It feels weird talking to her about cravings and baby items. For goodness sake, I still sneak into her room, pull her blanket up to her neck, and whisper I love you. On occasion, I still lay down with her and play with her curls!

I don’t know how I feel about being a grandmother because I feel like I’m losing my baby. I’m terrified over the idea of her giving birth. What if she’s too small? What if her stomach gets so big that she can’t move, what if she trips over the cats, and worst of all, what if she runs into medical complications during labor?

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If I’m this nervous, she has to be ten times more.

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