9 Year Old Pepper Sprayed By Cops

Photo by Chalo Garcia on Pexels.com

This morning I ran across a video of a cop ignoring blatant signs of child abuse. The internet is blowing up today over a situation that showcases an officer pepper-spraying a nine-year-old. The video shows a child refusing to go inside with her mother. Seconds later, this mother comes up and starts cussing at the child, and then she physically attacks the child as the officer is trying to convince the youth to return inside the house with the woman.

During the interaction with the mother and the child, they both talk about physical incidents that took place inside the house. The daughter talks about the mom stabbing the father in the stomach, and then the mother tells the daughter that the blood she saw was her blood at not the father’s blood. We also have mention of a weapon in the same conversation.

It is safe to say we are looking at three types of abuse at a minimum confessed before the officer. We have neglectful supervision due to fighting around the child; we also have emotional abuse as the mother starts to cuss the child out before the cop, and the attack ticks off the physical abuse box, as well.

At some point, the mother stated that she was tired of the father putting his hands on the child, which again is neglect and possibly physical abuse. Instead of pepper-spraying this child, the officer should have been calling CPS. This is the problem with the system as it stands today. Often, real abuse cases are not being reported. Only 15 percent of abuse call-ins result in allegations being confirmed, due to the other 85% being false. There are many instances when people close their eyes or wait for someone else to report. If that child’s mother was that unhinged with a cop standing near, just imagine her without any authority. Due to the cop not understanding the ins and outs of child abuse, the PD failed this child. One has to wonder how many other cases have resulted in similar behavior without proper reporting.

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