When Disasters Make You Stronger

It was the day after Christmas and a day I will truly never forget. We had just made it home and were unpacking our things from spending the earlier part of the day with family. My husband and I went to the store and then a series of text messages hit our phones. The first one said something about a tornado warning and then a few minutes later we got another about a tornado being on the ground. Nobody had ever heard of a tornado touching down near Christmas. My husband didn’t believe it until the lights flickered. I remember grabbing the girls, the dogs and rushing into our closet. I didn’t think we stood a chance in hell because the door wouldn’t close. My husband and I were having to keep it closed by pulling it shut. Then the first crash came through the window. I told everyone to just pray. If the wall came down, the door was as good as gone, which meant my family would have been gone too. As we started praying the objects hitting our side of the building seemed to stop. After the roaring stopped we walked outside and everything to the left of us was wiped out. After that day, our world changed.

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This was our neighborhood after the storm hit.

While storms render us helpless, they also give us a new respect for life. You learn to enjoy each day and take new risk. This is us mining for diamonds months after the tornado. Needless to say, we didn’t find any. Yet, it was something we needed to do. Things may never get back to normal, but who says they can’t get better?


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