When WIll We See Bigbang Again???

Wanted: Bigbang

BIGBANG announces 2020 comeback, to perform at Coachella music festival

In 2020 KPOP fans were patiently awaiting the arrival of new music from one of the most dynamic groups to ever his the genre. However, after more than a year of COVID-19 and ongoing drama. Fans are starting to wonder when Bigbang will return with new music.

In late 2019 several of the members from Bigbang were discharged from the military. In Korea, military service is mandatory for males. It was perhaps a risky move to send four of the five members of Bigbang to the military because groups like BTS, EXO, NCT127, and Got7 were making rounds all over the Billboard.

To be fair, Bigbang has not been able to disengage from controversy since their return. One of their former members, Seungri has been in and out of court. He’s dealt with multiple charges from rape to drugs during their stay in the military. I really wish they would have gone about their enlistment like Block-B.

Their label YG Entertainment is the same label behind iKON. iKON encountered issues earlier in 2019 which, resulted in their leader B. I leaving the group. There are now rumors on the internet saying that iKon could be ready to disband.

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