Latest Information On Our Coronavirus Situation.

So, our situation isn’t getting any better. It’s kind of crazy because as many of you know, I have followed this virus for months. I even tried to get more attention for residents of China and now it is on my doorstep. I keep thinking about the video in my first blog posting about the virus. The young man made it clear, we have to watch how we descend on hospitals. However, I understand the fear of wanting to go. It is scary when you think about an unknown virus and the fact that it can attack your family members.

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Our city which has less than 80,000 people now has a community outbreak. We have hit around 5 cases and the last case happens to be tied to community living in an elderly home. It was reported by our local station that this is our second community level spread. We do not know the ties of the first community spread patient. That’s a little scary because it doesn’t give us any information on where this spread took place. I am not looking for a specific location, but we need to know what industry at least.

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Many of us are afraid because of the outbreak in Washington which was centered around a similar situation. When you are talking about an elderly community, you have to take the community into consideration. You have frequent visitors from the community doing religious work as well as visiting their loved ones. It is scary because there could be a large amount of people linked to that one establishment. We have watched our numbers climb day after day since testing started.

Who knows what tomorrow will look like, but as for now, I hope people keep us in their prayers. I do not know what a Washington like outbreak looks like for my small town. As for my family, we are continuing to do the same. We limit the amount of people who go out, and we also stick to visiting grocery stores in the morning. My husband is still working and will be for the unforeseeable future. His office isn’t working from home yet, and that’s scary. That’s the update. I hope your town is holding up better than mine.

Idris Elba Is Positive For Coronavirus. Please Pay Attention.

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Today Idris Elba confirmed that he has the coronavirus. This is yet another shock and a declaration of how this virus moves. I don’t think the message can get any louder. We have to be very careful of our actions. At this point Mr. Elba is the third celebrity to come down with the virus. Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson both have the virus in Australia. This is a video from Idrise Elba.

It isn’t a joke, hoax or something blown out of proportion. It is very real and scary. I think the scariest part of this whole ordeal is the amount of people not taking it seriously. Check your area daily to see if there are new cases, and make sure you are keeping up with the latest information. I know there are some of us who might not trust the government, but now is the time to listen. If people are telling you to avoid crowds, then you want to avoid crowds.

Sometimes we get cocky and we think that we can manage anything, but this is something totally new. You do not know how your immune system will hold up to this virus. Please wash your hands, and if you go to the store, wait until you get home before you open up bags of food. I know some of you might be used to pulling out a candy bar and eating it on your drive home, but that really isn’t smart right now.

There are now store workers coming down with the coronavirus, so make sure you are using hand sanitizer after you get in the car. Keep your hands away from your face, and after you get home from work, take a bath. These are just common things we should be doing everyday. I will be updating on any needed information. Stay safe.

Special Education And Parents Who Give A Damn

Many years ago when my husband was stationed in Savannah, Georgia I worked at a school. The school was a very good school which educated some of Savannah’s richest families. I didn’t understand the politics involved in education until I started working in the Special Education department. It would become a stark lesson in life about inequality inside the classroom because of status.

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It would be my first lesson in social status division and my first lesson in how schools viewed children with special needs. My oldest daughter at the time was in the third grade. She was invited to two parties within the same week about halfway into the school year. One of the parties was being help at a child’s house in the Landings and the other was being held at a house at a mobile home community.

I remember asking the teacher who worked over me about both areas. I didn’t know anything about the Landings and I didn’t know anything about the mobile home park due to the fact that I liked to keep on base as much as possible. She informed me that the Landing’s party was the party I needed to let child attend. She giggled about the VIP invite and then started laughing about the mobile home invite. She insisted on keeping my child away from the child who stayed in the mobile homes because they were basically trashy.

Time came for the two parties which were held days apart. I decided against letting my daughter attend both parties due to the fact that I didn’t know the parents. I like to know parents before I say yes. However, due to the response of the teacher, I have always looked on schools with a bit of skepticism. I remember the importance the teachers held on children who were in Special Education with parents who had good jobs and the lack of importance they held for children from poor areas.

It really put me on a mission to make sure that each child knew of their importance no matter their parent’s status. I will never forget the time when I was told by a teacher that she would rather have a classroom of ghetto children than teach children under the Special Education umbrella. The sad fact is that parents do not have any idea of how some educators view their children if they have special needs. It is important perhaps more important for parents of children with special needs to stay involved with the schools and to monitor their children’s interactions due to these issues.

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Years later my daughter would get service from under the umbrella because of her ADHD and her ADD. However, those two issues weren’t the issues that would cause her to retreat inside herself, it would be a bullying attack that would hinder her from being able to interact socially. I find myself blessed with the inside knowledge of two things because of my occupational travels. I understand how certain children are regarded due to their disability and I understand how schools do not tell you about the obstacles these children face inside and outside the classroom.

So this brings me to my conversation with my daughter before we went to bed. Last night my daughter entered the room and gave me this very meaningful speech as I gazed out the window.

“Mom, I do not want you to worry about me being placed in another theater class because at the end of the day, I know you believe in me. I know dad believes in me and I believe in me. I don’t need a teacher to give me the green light when I have you guys. If she doesn’t want me in her class, I don’t want to be in it. I’ll just do my best in the new class and prove her wrong.-Ariana

I guess that is the point of it all. It is my support that will protect and propel her. Schools are set on default educations which means they do not always give what each and every kid needs. No matter how much we want to elevate the idea of teachers, there will always be those teachers who aren’t encouraging to all children. So, as parents we must lift our children up when the world tries to bring them down and remember it is our support that gives them wings.

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When To Report Children Missing

I’m seeing information about children who have been missing for over a month and I just wanted to share something with you. The sooner you report a child missing the sooner cops can get involved. If the police do not want to get involved, go to social media. Make sure you know which sites your children use. Get to know their handles, and the handles of their friends. If you have multiple computers keep one logged in under one of their sites so you can see movement. Also tag their phones, it might give you an idea of where they are. One of the things I ask for, which is perhaps my children’s most dreaded request, is the stand still photo.

I make them take a photo of themselves with their surroundings in view. If they are talking to someone new on social media, I make them do the cup on head photo. Why the cup on head? Easy, you might have a lot of photos in your house, but chances are you will not have any with you holding a cup on your head. You can always pick another authenticator but that’s is my thing!

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Have photos of your children ready to go, you would be surprised how many people do not have updated photos of children. Keep those photos near and ready. Also make your children get school ID cards, it will help for jobs and stuff like that, until they can get state Ids.

If it is a child that might not be in your custody all the time and you suspect the child is a victim of any type of abuse you want to get Child Protective Services involved ASAP. They will be able to do a joint investigation with local law enforcement and perhaps even send out a CSCAL depending on where you live. Again you can do this if you think someone was put in harm’s way because their guardian didn’t do a good job taking care of them, this is something you would want to let CPS know. Remember we are living in a dangerous world, and there are sex trafficking hubs in every city. These traffickers are at the malls, bus stations, parks and even lurking at places like food courts.

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So, try the social media sites, know the social media sites, know the friends and if you get nothing, call the cops. Do not wait for hours, call after you get no reply from the social media sites. Hey, if she comes home a few hours later all the better, but you never want to wait a day to report or even half a day to report. Report your child as a runaway if you have to, just report. If all else fails, go to social media. Use Twitter, Facebook and anything else you can get your hands on. Tweet it to the world.

Get to know sites like and local runaway shelters in your areas. If there is an issue with a minor running away, it might be time to get help from some of the local community providers who provide counseling.