Games Helping To Keep Citizens Indoors and COVID-19 Free.

Video games have gotten bad reputations for many years now. However, today, they are fast becoming the escape from a world of anguish. While some of us who are under shelter-in-place orders take to Netflix or Hulu, there are countless others taking to imaginary worlds created by game developers.

My go to game is Ark. Ark is a game that deals with the development of survival skills, maintaining social relationships, and building bases. The whole idea is to take a piece of land and make it your own, by making a base.

After you make a base you will need to add some protection. I raise the dinosaur known as the tyrannosaurus rex! In order to raise these bad boys, you have to tame them. Aww yes, taming is another feature in the game which allows players to learn the ability to make arrows, and narcotics for knocking out potential friends. There are many more things that you will learn, but I will not spoil all of the fun.

After you have your base and your animals, you will want to do missions. Some people love boss fighting, some taming, and others just love to play the game. So, in the newest expansion which is called Genesis players have the ability do missions which help with gathering loot. You are able to get armor, saddles, and even weapons.

My favorite feature of the game is building. I love building because it takes my mind off of real life stuff and helps me to think about something a little less depressing. You can build a small base, large base, or a giant base! It can get time consuming because you are gathering supplies like wood, stone, and metal for the construction of your base.

At the end of the day, Wildcard is doing a wonderful job when it comes to helping their players stay calm. They are hosting different events that help to keep players alert and busy. This one is to Wildcard. Thanks for being there!

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Is Texas Doing Too Little With Their Shelter-In-Place Policy?

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Each state has the right to make their own policies while dealing with this virus to some degree. However, some policies seem to do better than others. Here in Texas, the counties are able to come up with their own plans which right now echos the govern’s policy, to some degree.

The problem is our shelter-in-place policy is too vague. It names almost all businesses as essential and even includes churches which could serve as a breeding ground for sickness right now. Governor Abbot doesn’t want to take a stricter tone while dealing with the outbreak, so he is inadvertently leaving large holes in a protection bubble that should be placed around the state.

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Here in my county, we are still seeing new cases every single day. While our numbers aren’t like Dallas, Houston, or other major cities, we are still dealing with potential dangers to our small infrastructures. All it takes is the right case, right organization, and chaos would hit the entire town. If Texas doesn’t do more to define the definition of essential, I fear we will have a major outbreak on our hands.

At this point, our government is trying to maintain an imaginary line of neutrality between health and finance, in my opinion. By not closing more organizations they are risking more exposure. I guess my question is , what does shelter-in-place really mean? Why are there so many updates, and why are we seeing things added to list that were once taken away? We need to all be on the same sheet of music.

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Note of the day: Do not open food before you get home. Make sure you get home first and wash your hands.

Trying To Explain The Need For A Quarantine To Kids

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We have been under a shelter-in-place order for weeks now. Weeks feel like months for some reason. So when it rained today, I got really excited and so did the girls. Maybe the rain symbolized some degree of normalcy. The smell was familiar the feeling was comforting and then reality set in. The things we once found annoying were now the things that we missed the most.

The little quaint store I promised to take my youngest child to might not be there if we all make it through this ordeal. As I was thinking about all the little things I missed, my youngest child asked about going over to her friend’s house. She talked about how much she missed her and didn’t think it would be a big deal if she or her friend came to visit.

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So, I asked her if she understood who stood more of a chance of dying due to complications from the coronavirus. She was like old people are the ones who have to worry not me. She is 14 and the picture of healthy. I then pulled up this picture and asked if she recalled taking it.

Taken about 5 yrs ago.

She started laughing and said she remembered the picture and the blanket she got at the hospital. I then informed her that she was one of the people in the danger zone for COVID-19. Due to her frequent bronchitis attacks when she was younger, her lungs were weakened. I then explained that COVID-19 attacks the lungs and for people like her, that attack could be fatal.

Now some of you might think that being that direct with children causes a panic, but it actually explains the virus and the need to quarantine. While my 14 yr old is smart and her own person, she is still a child who needs my protection. If your children are starting to wear you down about seeing their friends because the shelter-in-place order is taking too long, tell them why it is taking long. We owe it to our children to protect them from danger and sometimes that danger might by themselves.

Living With The Coronavirus Outbreak

When we first got in line, we noticed that a clerk was directing movement. All of the people including us were lined up one behind the other.

This is a trip to the market which ended in three stores and only 40 dollars worth of supplies because many stores are low on supplies. My husband and I are standing behind the guy in the red shirt. Due to the new rules that have been pushed down from the CDC some stores are doing what they can to prevent the spread. This is a necessary move to make sure we are all able to get items for our families. We went to Aldi’s before coming to La Michoacana Meat Market, but most of the items in Aldi’s needed to be restocked, so we checked out our local meat market.

After a few minutes people exited the store and we were able to move closer to the door.

After a certain number of people exited the store, the clerk motioned for a small group to enter. I do not know if this would count as a social gathering, but I know it will help reduce germs. While we were waiting outside with the others, the store’s employees were wiping down door handles and opening the door letting people out.

Finally, it was our time. We stayed here only for a few minutes until the clerk came back and let us in for our few items.

This is the second store that I have seen use common sense management. The stores are doing things to help prevent the impact of the coronavirus. Not only are they helping to reduce contagion, but they are able to keep more items on the stands, and maintain a healthier environment. The other store which is a Korean Market also had people who were very visible with their cleaning procedures. A healthy store, makes for a healthy community.