Ubereats Alcohol Delivery Could Very Well Be Unsafe


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Uber has revolutionized travel and food delivery for years now. With the pandemic creating fewer indoor dining opportunities, restaurants have stayed afloat by using food delivery services. Not only have companies like Ubereats and Waitr helped the restaurant industry stay afloat they have also helped to create jobs.

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For some people, Ubereats has become a lifeline. I remember when my husband was a PFC in the Army, he wanted to get a delivery job on the side. He filled out applications to Pizza Hut, Dominoes, and other pizza delivery services. After a few months of no replies, he finally gave up.

So, fast forward to 2021, anyone without a criminal record can work as a delivery driver. You have principals, social workers like my husband, military people, lawyers, college students, and other people now, using Ubereats as a source of income.

It’s a great gig! You need extra Christmas money, Ubereat it, you need extra money for your favorite comic book, Ubereat it, or if you need a little extra for that expensive electric bill, once again, you can earn it by driving. It is a blessing to many, so what happens when alcohol delivery comes into play?

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Alcohol delivery is something that each driver will need to think about before they agree. The Uber app sometimes messes up which, causes delays in some trips. If this happens, people might not verify the age of the person ordering the alcohol, which is against the law. Many orders are Leave at Door, which means the person doesn’t want any person to person communication. All alcohol transactions need to be face to face, which puts delivery drivers at risk of getting COVID-19.

If I were a driver, I would not agree to deliver alcohol because of the likelihood of getting a combative person if they cannot produce ID or the chance of getting COVID. Right now, there have been at least two murders involving Ubereats in the media. Both delivery drivers were killed while they were delivering food. Alcohol will add a new mixture of deliveries, which means more danger for drivers.

ThanksGiving Challenge

This Thanksgiving a lot of people will be spending it alone thanks to the current COVID crisis. Due to the isolation and economic situation that many of us face, I want to issue a challenge to those of us who might be able to make a difference.

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While some kitchens might be closed off to the needy this holiday, there are other ways of making sure needy people get help. Sign up for your neighborhood’s Nextdoor feed and monitor the threads for people who are looking for help. We have started putting in extra time for our side cash job so we can start a little fund for those who might be looking for help.

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Remember you do not have to set loads of cash to the side to help someone. In most cases, as little as 20 bucks will help a family of two celebrate Thanksgiving. Food has this uncanny way of making people feel better, so I challenge you to make a difference in your community.

I would also like to give a shot out to Walmart for looking out for the people in their communities. https://www.foxbusiness.com/lifestyle/walmart-free-thanksgiving-dinner

Be Careful About The Service You Give, You Never Know Who’s Ordering.

Earlier this week I wrote an article about Uber and how it pretty much saved my life!! So, it saddens me to have to write this article about Ubereats. Now, my daughter is doing a YouTube series on food and restaurants. She ordered both Ubereats and Waitr to see which service offers the best service.

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Well, I have to tell you, I was surprised that Ubereats did not come out as the winner. Ubereats sent some random email about our acct and refunding us money because of some odd reason. So, we were left with questions as to the reason our order was cancelled. I looked in our account a little while ago and the money has yet to be refunded. I am not making a big stink out of 30 bucks, but I wonder what happened to the order.

Crazy enough, all of this went down while Ariana was making her YouTube video. So, now people will see Ubereats in a less favorable light. I will say this in defense of Ubereats! Most of the time we have always received our food, I think we have only had one other situation that resulted in us not receiving our food. Both orders were over 30 dollars that resulted in cancellations.

Anyway, a picture is worth a thousand words, or at least a YouTube video. Sorry, Ubereats!

You never know what the customer is doing so always be on your best behavior.