Smear Campaign Launched, But We Are Not Buying It! America To The Rescue For Prince Henry & The Duchess.

It now seems as though we’re witnessing a full-out character assassination of OUR Duchess Meghan Markle from across the pond. As Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan’s interview approaches, we are now hearing about more stories that are all shifting negative energy on the couple. With the new baby on the way, one has to wonder if all the negative press endangers the unborn child.

This is yet another sad chapter in the Fairy Tale wedding that so many of us wanted to see produce a better future for racial relations. Europe often looked like the big brother or sister that the United States needed when it came to historical issues on race. Yet, after Prince Harry married his Duchess, things changed. Europe went from looking like a haven of open-minded thinkers to a country with arrogant attitudes regarding who was good enough to be a Royal.

It is sad, but given the day we live, it isn’t surprising. While we are a world skating on the brink of change, we are also fearful of change. There is one thing that will never change, and that is the fact that Meghan will always be Harry’s wife. No matter what changes in the future, even if their titles get caught up in this scandal, they will still have each other. Not only will they have each other, but they will have us.

We are the ones who watched Prince Harry grow and blossom into the man we see today. Meghan is the topping and the extra moisture needed to bake the best cake ever! {Sorry, tomorrow is my 24th anniversary! Cake on the brain!} She is outspoken, smart, and an inspiration to women across the world. I am sure things might feel a little uncomfortable right now but rest assured, The Duchess of Sussex will do great things for the United States as well as the UK if she is allowed. Instead of silencing her, maybe they should have thought of a better way to use her light and bring unity across the globe.

It’s too bad the crown didn’t use Meghan’s popularity to push better programs and unity. I am glad to see her back in the United States because it was heart-wrenching to watch her struggle so publicly with treatment from those who should have been tasked with making her feel right at home. Thank God, Meghan’s home.

When Will President Biden Seal The Deal On Marijuana

Many people across the nation are eagerly awaiting the legalization on a federal level for marijuana. With the uncertainty of Biden’s health, the current state of the economy, some like myself would love to see him push an executive order.

Some states would benefit from cannabis. No matter how you cut it, the days for oil are numbered. Oil and gas used to be sure profits, but with the new dangers stemming from global warming, those are no longer sure revenues for profit anymore.

As the nation advances and grows more modernized, we will see a shift in attitude regarding marijuana. It is already happening across America. When you see southern states warming to the production of cannabis for medical purposes, you know it is only a matter of time before it fully expands. There are just too many benefits of medical marijuana for states to not look at the positives. Even if states do not want to go forward with recreational activity, they will give it a second look due to the push to step away from opioids.

With that said, there are still obstacles. Getting a license in nearly any state to produce and sell marijuana is costly. Here in Texas, there is a set amount of producers that are allowed to farm cannabis oil. That cap presents a real problem for people who wish to enter into the business. Not only do they have to wait in line so to say and maybe hear a no, but they have to have a lot of money for the license fee. We only allow CBD oils. CBD is made from hemp, which in return, requires a vast amount of land.

So needless to say, the average person will not be getting rich anytime soon in this state as growing cannabis remains a thorn in the side. However, investing in cannabis is another story. Anyone can research companies and invest their money in the hope of returns. A few weeks ago, there was a movement in the cannabis stocks out of Canada.

I would look closer to home when thinking about investing in cannabis due to the companies that will see revenue with their local providers. We are not looking at an “if” situation; I believe we are looking at a “when” situation. There are just too many new ways of using products made from cannabis like CBD to say never. I think we will see something similar to what we see with alcohol. You have your dry counties, your wet counties, and your mixed counties.

With The Snow Starting To Melt, How Will Texans Get Water With Stores Not having Water?

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So today looks a little better, but we still have a lot of snow. Many of us, like my family, are still without water. We still have to boil snow for water. We found a store that had some bottles of water yesterday which, allowed us to grab four more bottles.

I am a little fearful of what happens after the snow disappears. It has been easy enough getting the snow over these last few days, but after it is gone, what happens? A lot of the stores are empty now. I have no clue as to when the trucks will start running again. I have a big bin full of snow and some snow in the freezer.

We have plenty of beans, I stockpiled them during COVID, so until the stores restock, we will have to bean it up. I think the scariest part of all this is not knowing. I know the trucks will have to come at some point and restock, but I do not know when. I miss taking baths and showers already.

I would beat a person up for a loaf of bread right now!!! Okay, beat up is too strong! I would maybe tickle them to death or something. We have tuna, but the store didn’t have mayo or bread. We have peanut and jelly minus the bread, but we have crackers. I also managed to get noodles and potato salad. Yeah, don’t ask. I have a thing for mustard potato salad, and once again, the store was low on food. I have one pack of links, brats, some ground beef plus, and a crapload of beans. So, we are blessed. I read something from a mother in Nextdoor this morning asking for milk for her baby. Out of 14 people, only one person had something they could give. I wished I had milk, but we ran out days ago.

Anyway, this is what’s happening in our area right now. We are all trying to figure out how to navigate the coming days. Thank you for following us, and stay safe.

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Getting To Know What A Bottle Bath Feels Like.

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I have a new morning routine. Since we had to shut our water off due to having broken pipes, we are taking bottle baths. Don’t even ask. I spruce it up with a little aloe on the side, and then I feel like a million bucks. Not really, but at least I don’t feel so dirty. However, I have learned that I can be a little self-conscience when it comes to getting close under these circumstances. My husband will come in close for a kiss or hug, and I hide out of fear of body odor. I’m like babe, I might stink, and he reassures me that I smell like aloe and deodorant, his deodorant.

It is still cold here, with snow preventing us from going out to get things like water. We are down to like 2 bottles of water between the two of us, so we are having to use snow for flushing and boiling water to wash dishes. It reminds me of the shows like Alone and Naked and Afraid. Only we are not naked, and we are not alone! I have always wanted to be on ALONE, so now I get my chance to do what they do, minus the building.

As of now, we are waiting for the plumber, and it could be a long wait. There are a lot of houses that need attention right now because their pipes burst inside their homes. Our pipe burst under the house which, was the pipe connected to our washroom. The only way to cut it off was to cut off the water. In some odd way, it feels comforting to know we are not going through this alone. I don’t know if that is something anyone needs to say out loud, but it is true. Maybe this horrible freeze will bring us together and help us remember that there are things more important than fighting.

Good things can come from bad things, I hope that is the result of this.