Craving Normalcy During COVID-19

It’s so easy right now to let your guard down and pretend like things are normal. We see stores opening, people running to the beach and other things that resemble a country free of our current threat. We turn on the TV and our leaders are all chanting about getting back to normalcy and getting this economy back to a healthy state. However, privately they are talking about how we are still walking in the shadows of death.

It is enough to run a person mad. We are living in such a contradiction in regards to what happens next. This week I found out that the Taco Bell that we ordered food from within the past few weeks is now temporarily closed because a worker tested positive for COVID-19. Even if you try to be safe, there’s always the chance of the unknown slipping in. I think about the Ubereat’s drivers who have picked up from that eatery and other eateries. How do you contain something like a virus especially after the protective measures have been relaxed?

Then you hear the president talking about more death and of course our governor talking about how opening up will cause more causes of COVID-19 and you wonder what is life worth to those at the top? Are we only worth the amount of money we can bring in? One of our news stations is reporting that we now have a 911 center that is currently undergoing testing for COVID-19. Some of the workers have tested positive, will a large majority undergoing testing.

Do you know how small our county is? Do you know how damaging it would be for any city within our county to come down with an outbreak of COVID-19 in their emergency response systems? When these politicians talk about the threat of hospitals being over run with COVID-19, they do not bring up other essential services like police departments, 911 control centers, or fire departments. Unless you are diligent in searching the events that take place in your areas, you will never get a real idea of what’s going on.

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I beg you to use daily Google checks for your areas, use the tool tab to narrow the search down to 24 hours. Do not leave it up to someone tainted by politics to dictate your movements in regards to safety. While we might be thirsting for getting back to normal, normal might never be the normal we used to know. We have to remain watchful, and make sure we are not in the number of people that will be causalities on this war on finance. Do what you must, but understand that you can be here today and quarantined tomorrow. Stay safe, and wash those hands.

Is Hand Sanitizer A Cancer Risk? Use Common Sense While Dealing With Hand Sanitizer.

So, if you recall, I stated that I would be making hand sanitizer this month. After all of my ingredients came in, I continued to research the entire process. As I was researching, I found out that making sanitizer can cause cancer in the people who manufacture it. Not only can those people be at risk but so can the people who use it often. So, this has caused me to look at things a little differently and perhaps pause.

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These are just three of many articles telling about the risk of hand sanitizer and cancer. Perhaps this is one of the reasons the CDC strongly emphasizes the process of washing your hands with soap and water. I am not telling people not to use hand sanitizer, because I made my family about 8 small bottles of sanitizer and purchased three more bottles just in case of an emergency.

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Yet, I am telling people to be careful about how much you use and often you are using it. If you are near soap and water, that should be your first choice. If you do not have to go out, do not go out. You can minimize the need for sanitizer by watching your movement. The less you mingle with people and objects that are not your own, the less you will need to use hand sanitizer. So, now I have enough bottles for us and my husband’s job. Would anyone else like a bottle of isopropyl alcohol? I am giving them away free. I have 19 bottles which is enough to help at least 19 families or people if needed. You will have to get your own aloe gel and essential oils because I need those for lotion and other stuff.

The alcohol is 95 percent so it will be strong enough to keep COVID-19 away, but again do not go crazy with using it. Be careful while mixing it and please don’t turn around and try to market it for high prices. We should be trying to help each other right now, not preventing others from being safe during this crazy time. As always, I am here trying to spread the word, as I learn the word. Maybe in a few weeks I will be able to showcase my products, but as for now I am trying to find ways to remove the need for parabens in my products. Parabens have been known to cause cancer, and after watching my father die from lung cancer, I do not want to sell any beauty product that trades beauty for health.

Be safe and remember it take a village! Look out for each other.

There are three methods to gaining wisdom. The first is reflection, which is the highest. The second is limitation, which is the easiest. The third is experience, which is the bitterest.


Don’t Keep It In, Write It Out!

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We are living in a stressful time and people are suffering all over the world. Right now would be a really good time to pick up a hobby or start a new project to get your mind off of the stressful junk. It feels like we are in the middle of a boat that’s headed down the river. We do not know what we will find, but we know we must stay inside , and survive the gathering storm.

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So, instead of worrying about it, blog about it! You can blog about anything under the sun. You can start a blog about poetry, songs, photos, paintings, or even your feelings about being alive in 2020. Your blog is your space to unwind, I think of my blog as a home away from home. It’s 2 in the morning and this is where I want to be.

I think it’s important to have an outlet right now because there are so many people out of work, worried about going back to work, or worried about their loved ones going to work. I mean there is fear at every crossing, but it doesn’t have to immobilize you. I remember when my husband was in Iraq and the girls and I were in Germany. I got word that my mother died which was horrible because this was someone I used to call three and four times a day. Getting on the plane was the hardest thing I ever had to do, because it was to say goodbye for the last time.

In those moments, I ran towards writings, it was my only way of dealing with my grief. I didn’t really know anything about writing. I only knew writing made me miss her less. So, when I wrote The Last Love Story. It was more about how I felt pretty much abandoned even as an adult. I have never had the heart to take the books down, because for me they were a healing process. I do not know where I would be today if it weren’t for those moments back then. So, it is okay to be upset, just make sure you are doing something to deal with the emotions.