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Today we are living in a Sci-fi lover’s dream come true. We have current exploration ongoing on Mars and trips to the moon via private companies. Mars has always been a point of interest for humans due to its chemical make-up and distance from Earth. It is nicknamed the Red Planet because of the iron oxide chemicals. The biggest difference between Earth and Mars would be the absence of water and the fact that Mars is half the size of Earth.

The fact that Mars has no water on its surface raises a concern regarding future colonization. How will early settlers get water, and what will the dusty atmosphere do to their health? If we think about water and its role in creating vegetation, it becomes a vehicle of sustainability. For example, take the Mojave desert and its lack of vegetation. After being stationed there for three years with my husband, I came back with chronic sinus problems.

A lot of the people stationed there had sinus problems. Our second daughter, who was born there, developed skin issues. I recall a nurse once stating that it was common for children born in that region, but I have not been able to find any research to back it up. I can tell you that before living in the desert, I had never suffered a sinus problem. So, this makes me wonder about the health risk associated with living in a dusty atmosphere.

Another drawback of living in a desert environment was the cases of depression. Depressions were very frequent in the Mojave due to the lack of color. The majority of the colors were brown and gloomy. Our base had your run-of-the-mill landscaping, but outside of base was nothing but a desert wasteland.

If any colony hopes to exist on Mars, it will have to create a green oasis out of the desert environment. As of today, there are plans for colonization, but they will not come into play until Mars has been properly examined for human existence or Martian existence. This means the probes will have to check for weather, physical dangers, psychological dangers, settlement obstacles, and vegetation readiness. After all of these things get the green light, then comes the obstacle of currency.

Trade will more than likely the way to go in the beginning because many of these trips will be one way only. This is how crypto currency presents an open door towards financing. Take a coin like Dogecoin which has the ability to be used worldwide and has the ability to be recreated at a larger rate. Just as it can be utilized from country to country, it could also be used from planet to planet. As long as Dogecoin remains affordable, not like Bitcoin, it can create the backing of a new foundation.

So, this is a science geek’s dream come true. I think back to my very first science project which was the solar system. I can still remember the excitement of creating the planets and explaining the difference between Saturn and Jupiter. Needless to say, when shows like Star Trek came on TV, I was right in front, taking in every little detail. We are slowly getting to see how things will start. I am posting some websites with information about Mars colonization below. The Expanse will be real in a couple of decades.

Space Force Under Trump-Flop/Or Not

First of all, I have to admit something to you. I’m a total geek, and I mean a total geek. I’ve even written a story about aliens. The Alien Recruitment. I’ve always wondered about life on other planets and gazed up at the sky in hopes of seeing a UFO fly by. I might not be a fan of Trump, but I’m so in love with the Space Force. I think there are a few good reasons for the creation of the Space Force.

Our universe has well over 100 billion, not million, but billion galaxies. There have been sightings of UFOs and proof. Due to all of the pollution and killing off of major species our planet will not last forever and finding another viable planet will help protect mankind. The earth has seen five extinctions that pretty much did a reset and those extinctions saw things happen at a much slower pace. We are now seeing things speed up on levels that have been unseen until the last fifty or so. We are losing species rapidly and that is a major concern considering the fact that it used to take species a lot longer to die off in the past. I remember when I took my Human Ecology class many many moons ago, and my research paper was actually centered around the 6th extinction. Things were not as bad as they are today. We are killing our planet. Cheers to that.

Just look at the weather and the natural disasters. I feel like Yellowstone will make a move in the future. I can’t say ten months from now or even ten years, but it is causing enough concern that NASA has started working on a plan to drill into the supervolcano and release some of the energy in order to prevent an eruption. There are concerns with this idea. It could harness the energy, but who’s to say it will not push the energy elsewhere? I don’t feel all warm and fuzzy about anyone poking around in a supervolcano. So, I’ve started monitoring the earthquakes and trying to follow the harmonic tremors in that area. These tremors kind of show up and make a big ole fuss before eruptions go off.  I get emails from the National Earthquake Information Center and I can tell you that there has been an increase of earthquake activity, and a supervolcano has been found forming on the east coast. What we know about Yellowstone is that if and when it erupts, America as we know it will be over. Trump seems to be very proactive, so if he is creating a Space Force there’s something behind it.

Fishing Boat

I'm trying to save up for the Pelican Predator 10'3 fishing boat. It's 849.00! If you know anyone in Texas who wants to gift a boat because they don't need it anymore, that would be even better. At this rate it's going to take me a long time to save up!!!