COVID Update On Family

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This is kind of a hard time for us, but I want to keep you updated. My sister and her husband are on day three of their 14 day quarantine. So far nobody needs to be hospitalized, so that is a good thing. As for anything else, it is not like the flu. It is setting up inflammation inside their entire body. COVID is a beast, any prayers you wish to throw their way would be welcomed. We will keep it positive with positive thoughts flowing,

The only thing I want to focus on right now is removing Trump from office before this happens to more families. No family should have to go through something so stressful without the ability to see and comfort their loved ones. It sucks.

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Yesterday I Purchased A Gun

I grew up around guns and even have guns back in East Texas, but I have never acted on going to pick them up. Lately, there have been recordings of people breaking into homes and cars around my area. They are wearing mask if you can believe it. They are afraid of catching COVID-19, but not afraid of breaking into houses and cars.

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Anyway, I got something that would stop an individual without killing them. My husband wanted a pump action shot gun, but I didn’t want anything that lethal. So, I got something that will stop a person without causing a fatal blow. I got a semi automatic rifle, and I thought it would make me feel more protected. In reality, it just made me feel dread to some degree. If you decide to get a weapon, make sure you do not keep the ammo in the gun. I know it sounds crazy, but it is a precautionary issue. Never store ammo in the gun. Keep the ammo in a location known by you and your spouse.

I remember all the shooting lessons I had with my father when I was younger. I do not know if I want to teach my children how to shoot. My husband and I both know how to handle a gun. He has special training from the military and I have training from my youth.

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I also purchased a treadmill, security cams and new mask on Amazon because we used our last ones yesterday. I hope I am wrong, but if they open the government too soon, things are going to get a lot worse. All we can do is wait this thing out and try to be there for each other. This weekend I plan on trying to grow another round of veggies. I wouldn’t call myself a prepper, but I am certainly not going to be passive in this whole ordeal.

Hope for the best, but plan for the rest.

Living With The Coronavirus Outbreak

When we first got in line, we noticed that a clerk was directing movement. All of the people including us were lined up one behind the other.

This is a trip to the market which ended in three stores and only 40 dollars worth of supplies because many stores are low on supplies. My husband and I are standing behind the guy in the red shirt. Due to the new rules that have been pushed down from the CDC some stores are doing what they can to prevent the spread. This is a necessary move to make sure we are all able to get items for our families. We went to Aldi’s before coming to La Michoacana Meat Market, but most of the items in Aldi’s needed to be restocked, so we checked out our local meat market.

After a few minutes people exited the store and we were able to move closer to the door.

After a certain number of people exited the store, the clerk motioned for a small group to enter. I do not know if this would count as a social gathering, but I know it will help reduce germs. While we were waiting outside with the others, the store’s employees were wiping down door handles and opening the door letting people out.

Finally, it was our time. We stayed here only for a few minutes until the clerk came back and let us in for our few items.

This is the second store that I have seen use common sense management. The stores are doing things to help prevent the impact of the coronavirus. Not only are they helping to reduce contagion, but they are able to keep more items on the stands, and maintain a healthier environment. The other store which is a Korean Market also had people who were very visible with their cleaning procedures. A healthy store, makes for a healthy community.

The Biggest Fear Of The Coronavirus

I don’t think I’m alone in thinking this, so I will be the first to say it out loud. My biggest fear is waking up tomorrow and seeing a world I don’t recognize. It is okay to be afraid right now. I think we often think we have to be the rocks of our families, friends, and those around us. The coronavirus brings out the human in us all.

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It makes us question our past decisions and makes us focus on survival. For so many years we have been a nation focused on fun and excitement. We lived by social media, loved by social media, and grieved by social media. So, when this virus came in like a character from a Edgar Allan Poe short story, we paused. Some of us even dismissed the threat as pure fluff because it didn’t fit into our ultimate plan. We were supposed to be house searching, some planning for pregnancy, some planning proms, while others were on the brink of finding a new life. Then we turn the corner and we see a glimpse of today.

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Today our only thoughts are of survival and hoping our loved ones make it out alive. It is like we are living in a modern day dystopian novel. The scary part of this whole ordeal is not knowing how the saga ends. We don’t know what our future looks like. We don’t know how bad the markets will get, or how many people will die from this virus. What we do know is that this virus has created a picture unseen by many of us.

I’ve never been afraid for my husband to be at work, not even when he was in special operations in the Army, but I am today. I am afraid that he will get something from someone and bring it home and our 14 year old will get it. There are two people with underlining health problems in my family he and one of our daughters would be the two.

At the end of the day, all we can do is hope that our families are safe and try to help each other the best way we know how. Above all, focus on love and follow the guidelines set by the CDC. Don’t just think about yourself when taking chances. We often think that we are invincible, but it is about those in our families that might not be invincible. The coronavirus for me might mean a week in bed, but it could mean something totally different for my daughter.

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It isn’t always about us and what we can overcome. This isn’t a test, this is something we are dealing with for better or worse. Our reaction will dictate how it impacts our communities and the rest of our lives.