Shiba Inu Incoming.


We have finally made it to Friday. This week has been a very interesting week for Shiba Inu. Yesterday after I posted my article, about an hour later Coinbase the actual main exchange, listed Shiba Inu. Shib knocked off a zero and then fell back down to kind of where it is right now. Although it seems to be a bit in the red at the moment.

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Watching Shib go up was truly awesome, but there’s still a problem. I personally do not see how we can advance the way we want to advance, until we have a coin burn. There’s been a lot of talk about Robinhood trading Shib. If it’s true then more than likely, we will see another all-time high.

All of these milestones are important for Shiba inu, but I do not think it gets us into the welcome to the private island level.

However, on the flip side regarding Coinbase I find it truly interesting that they are following Shiba Inu on Twitter. Shib is the only coin they are following. This makes me believe that Coinbase has a lot riding on Shiba Inu. We know Coinbase is already heavily associated with Bitcoin.

As for timetables, I see a lot of people asking when will Shib hit 1 cent or when will it hit a dollar? The truth is nobody knows. I realize the developers have a lot of different projects going on, but unless one of those projects is a coin burn. It might take a while. This could be good for some of the people like myself who would like the chance to get more coins.

Part of the reason I’m doing my blog on my phone today, is because my computer and my mining rig are upstairs mining Bitcoin. It freaks me out when my GPUs are in the yellow and red levels. So, I crank up the AC and bounce downstairs.

Sadly, I’m still seeing some of the same arguments that I saw months ago with Doge. I think you have to remember that cryptocurrency is somewhat new. We’re talking about ushering in a new financial system, and there’s no real way to tell how that future is going to look. I do not think it does anyone any good to argue about cryptocurrency. We are all in this for the same reason, we want to see our wealth grow. Please keep that in mind as you enjoy Twitter and other social media sites this weekend.

As always I am not a financial advisor. I’m just a mom trying to figure out how to get my hands on enough currency to move out of Texas!!!

Feel free to donate Shib here! 0x9422aadf8f5cC46db7cDac8c0f06b950065a653d

Is There A Mathematical Way Shib Reaches 0.1 In the near Future?


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I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and reading about the chances of Shib reaching 1 cent. I have seen articles talking about there’s a chance for Shib to hit $1.00, and I have heard YouTube personalities say the coin can’t reach as little as .01!

I invested in Doge when it was around .08, and I recall people saying the same thing about Dogecoin reaching the milestones it crushed. There were a few things that had to happen before Doge could hit its milestones. If Shib is going to have a chance at reaching .01, it will need to gain support in more exchanges! Those exchanges played a vital part in Dogecoin’s growth.

Without the listing in Etoro, Coinbase, Robinhood, and Webull, Shib is looking at an uphill battle. Until those exchanges allow Shib to be traded on their platforms, we are not going to see mass movement. Thusfore, it will be hard to see the real potential of the token.

While swaps are a great way for people to get tokens they wouldn’t be able to get on exchanges like Coinbase, the process isn’t ideal. Most of us who have traded stocks for years like the buy it and forget it method. It is much easier to have money in an account and just hit the buy button, and the order is filled. The problem with swapping is that new crypto traders might not understand the process.

It could very well be a turn-off for someone having to send money to an account, buy Tether, turn around, and then trade it for another currency. This process might prevent new investors from going all in. It is the reason exchanges like Coinbase make a world of difference. With exchanges like Coinbase and Etoro, you link your account and post your money. After your money hits the account, you buy what you want to buy! It is simple! You only have to buy once, and you do not have to worry about swapping anything out.

So, your new investors are going to be more willing to buy on the larger platforms, which bring simplicity and security. One of the things that these platforms are going to use as a determining factor, in my opinion, will be the functionality of Shibaswap. In 8 days, if Shibaswap shows a gain to the people who are using it, I think we will see more open doors. However, if Shibaswap has a lot of issues and people talking about losing money, things will remain icy. The future of Shib could very well be determined by the performance of Shibaswap. If it is an all-out success, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Dogecoin movement.

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As always I am not a financial advisor. If you would like to join Etoro use my link peeps! I get 50 bucks so I can buy me something!

Shibaswap’s DeFi rating Could Cause Concern For Many.


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I’ve been waiting for the results of the ins and outs of SHIBASWAP before I push any money in that direction. This morning, I got up and did my usual research and found out the results are not good. The word on the streets is that Shibaswap got the lowest rating of all of the exchanges listed today. It was rated a single one-digit number which is 3.

I will post the ratings below after I explain why this concerns me as a potential Shibaswap investor. The rating scores five different categories. The first rating which, is on code and team graded Shibaswap with a zero. There are questions about the coding and the people behind the swap.

The next category is documentation, for which they scored a rating of 11. The experts went on to score zeros for testing and security, which make up lines three and four.

The last category was access control which scored a 9. There were problems across the board. Perhaps the most alarming to me would be the security and not knowing who owns the bulk of the swap. Security is a big issue because hacks can take away your currency. I have seen hackers bring down the best of things, government websites, department store data, and games. If you are dealing with any liquidity, making your platform safe should be a top concern. So, seeing zero in security is a big no-no for me.

Another issue is that the majority of the swap is owned by one address, and when it was exposed, random addresses, were added with little to no currency. This is a little shady and concerning. Why were dummy addresses added, and if they aren’t dummy addresses, where is their currency? What was up with the timing?

The realist in me understands that things do not get great overnight. When Obamacare started up, the website was garbo! It took some months to get the website off and running. So, we could be seeing something like this with Shibaswab. It is a new exchange, and it isn’t expected to have perfect numbers across the board. Yet, I have this little voice in my head that keeps saying, my momma didn’t raise no fool!

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So, I will be careful and pay attention before I decide to dump any money into the swap until they can fix these issues. As always do your research on things! I am not giving you financial advice, I am just breaking down the skinny. Be careful in the crypto universe.

The Difference Between Doge & SHIB


While I am a Dogecoin holder, I cannot help feeling excitement over Shibaswap. It has been a little over 24 hours since Shibaswap went live, and the volume liquidity has already reached over 1 billion. Now, this puts the infant exchange in the realms of Uniswap and others. Keep in mind Uniswap’s volume liquidity is over 1.75 billion. So, again we are talking about 1.15 billion for Shibaswab in just a little over 24 hours.

It took precisely five to eight months for exchanges like Sushiswap, Pancakeswap, and Uniswap to make their way into dollar territory. Right now, Sushiswap is the lowest at $9.18, and Uniswap highest at $23.01. So this makes me feel hopeful. Shibaswap would only have to get to 0.05 to grace me with a million bucks!

I’m hoping we do not see quick movement because I want to add more money next month. My goal would be to acquire around 100 million tokens, but for me to do that, the prices need to somewhat stay the same. Dogecoin’s road was a little bit different due to what it was trying to accomplish and the obstacles placed in its way with shorting.

Dogecoin is going for the crypto payment option, in my opinion. While it is trying to gain more strength as a readily accepted payment option, the press around it has sort of overshadowed the potential. This leads me to believe that when you get famous people too involved with your coins, it can cause the coin to have a negative reaction.

The two can coexist in the crypto world, with Shib being one of the vehicles used to carry Doge on their exchange. While Doge had to worry constantly about shorting, Shib will not have that issue in the future due to its functionality. I see no reason why coin holders cannot put past animosity aside and support both coins.

Both coins have a spot at the table, we just need to wait for the meal to be served.

I am not a financial advisor. I’m just sharing why I like certain coins.