Adding More Mcontent Before December!


Every generation, or so we witness game-changing companies surface to change the face of day-to-day living. It happened with travel, phones, navigation, books, movies, and now it is about to shift once more with crypto-driven production.

Mcontent is a token that will usher in a new era of achieving payments for creative minds. It is an automated self-sustaining junction of creativity that serves an ecosystem that fuels content creation by blockchain. It also rewards token holders like you and me while revolutionizing the field of production.

Currently, it is the only token that does anything on this level. Not only is it a seed funder, but it will use monetization as a means to help burn off tokens. Nearly 40 percent of the ten quadrillion tokens have been burned off today. Each production will produce token burns.

In December, we will see the launch of an app and one or two more productions, from what I’m hearing. The developers are busy working on numerous things for Mcontent. Right now is a risky time for people looking to invest in cryptocurrency because of all the rug-pulls. To find a token with so much potential and a doxxed team behind it is nothing less than a miracle. Guess what, Mcontent is doxxed!

This project has been around for about six months, and it is slowly growing into something great. A lot of us love our memes, I think I have like seven or eight meme coins, but I couldn’t let this one go. I always wondered what it would have been like to get into a Bitcoin or XRP when it was less than one cent. I think with Mcontent, I will finally get my chance. So, this December I am looking forward to Mcontent. Right now, it is cheap enough to own a billion for less than 40 bucks. Most people pay that on takeout!

I am super excited about the SEC vs Ripple docuseries that they will preview in the near future. Mcontent could also play a big role in crypto education down the line. As always, I am not telling you what to do! I am not a financial advisor, but I like to spread the word. Research and maybe you will join me and thousands more. Be careful out there and pay attention to people who keep telling you they are doing things with their crypto tokens and nothing ever gets accomplished.

Kraken Gearing Up To Accept SHIBA INU!


It is now November 2nd, which means two things are underway. The first thing is we are officially two days into our national novel month. You will have writers looking to try to finish novels in one month. The second thing I am looking forward to is the Shiba Inu listing by Kraken.

They posted a challenge to Shiba Inu investors today about getting likes, and that’s all it took! Shibians were all over it, and within 15 minutes, the exchange had all the likes they needed to answer the challenge. Last night a Twitter account stated that they had inside information regarding a listing from Robinhood that was supposed to take place today, but it didn’t happen.

This is not the first time we have seen misinformation targeting Robinhood and a Shiba listing. Perhaps, the difference is, this time, it came from an account that was respected. The misformation made its way to Youtube by a well-known Youtuber who has been reliable in the past. It just goes to show you that you have to be careful about the information you are getting. At this point, people are trying to gather any information they can get their hands on.

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With all the rug pulls and suspicious tampering with people’s accounts, anyone could find themselves a victim of misinformation. Sadly, this plays with the emotional state of investors and their trust in the new market. Later today, many users expect Kraken to help Shib delete at least one zero. I do not see it happening within 24 hours because it took Shib weeks to delete a zero after it was listed on Coinbase.

However, the exchange does help with the journey towards a new all-time high. I can’t help but wonder if we would be minus a zero today if the premeditated crash didn’t take place two weekends ago. Rumor has it that a group of people got together and started taking money out of SHIB to try to push some fresh life back into Dogecoin. The money was removed to boost Doge back but sadly ended in much of nothing. I hate seeing Dogecoin down because it was my entry into the crypto world, but there are issues.

As an investor, I always felt annoyed that Doge constantly needed to be hyped by Elon Musk. It has to be able to gain and stand on what Dogecoin brings to the table. It’s okay to have fans and cheerleaders, but a coin cannot rely on one person to keep it afloat. Both coins can coexist because they do different things, but manipulation needs to stop. If we are ever going to know what memes can do, we need to let the process run free of manipulation.

Investors have enough to worry about without having to worry about shortages and Trojan Horses from within. This could be a very good week for crypto, or it could show that crypto is too volatile to stand without major regulations. You can bet all eyes will be on Shiba Inu this week.

Meanwhile, my Saitama Inu crypto makes me 3 million Saitama coins a day just by looking pretty inside my wallet!! Word on the street is that it will be listed on a major exchange this week. They are having a launch party in about two weeks from now. It is still 0.000000084600! You can still get billions of this baby before the price gets too out of hand. Here’s more information on it.

I am not a financial advisor, I do this because I love crypto! Research research research

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Shiba Inu Is More Than A Token.


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Shiba Inu is still kicking butt in the crypto field this morning. I’ve read a lot of questions regarding the reasons behind Shib’s sudden rise. I think people have to understand that Shib is more than just a coin. It is a token that powers a swap. You have to take note of the tokens that carry swaps like PancakeSwap, Sushiswap, or now MakiSwap. If all of this doesn’t make you giddy with happiness, Shib will be listed on WhiteBit tomorrow which will add another set of investors.

In my opinion, and I am not a financial advisor, but I like to look at the swaps. MakiSwap is a new swap that is now around $0.20. These swaps, including Shibaswap, tend to grow within a year or so. Take a look at your coins that power Uniswap, and the ones listed above, and you will see that there is a real chance for earning potential. They do not go to the height of Bitcoin or near that amount per coin, but they do raise more than a dollar per coin, generally speaking.

I honestly think we are witnessing the growth of Shib as a token, which powers a swap. They have the new NFT section, which will be part of their platform, which will generate more income. Not only will the NFT generate income, but it will also trigger automatic burns. Keep in mind burning is something that a lot of us have been requesting.

As I stated months ago, for Shib to take off, it would have to be on major platforms, and burns would need to be part of any process. The beauty of Shib is that it is still so inexpensive. At this point, you can get 1.3 million for around 30 bucks. Keep in mind this time last month investors could get double or triple that. So, the price is going up! Yet, most of us spend 30 bucks at McDonald’s on a good day.

As always, these are my opinions, and I am not a financial advisor. I’m just a mama on a mission, and I happen to love crypto.

Is There A Mathematical Way Shib Reaches 0.1 In the near Future?


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I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and reading about the chances of Shib reaching 1 cent. I have seen articles talking about there’s a chance for Shib to hit $1.00, and I have heard YouTube personalities say the coin can’t reach as little as .01!

I invested in Doge when it was around .08, and I recall people saying the same thing about Dogecoin reaching the milestones it crushed. There were a few things that had to happen before Doge could hit its milestones. If Shib is going to have a chance at reaching .01, it will need to gain support in more exchanges! Those exchanges played a vital part in Dogecoin’s growth.

Without the listing in Etoro, Coinbase, Robinhood, and Webull, Shib is looking at an uphill battle. Until those exchanges allow Shib to be traded on their platforms, we are not going to see mass movement. Thusfore, it will be hard to see the real potential of the token.

While swaps are a great way for people to get tokens they wouldn’t be able to get on exchanges like Coinbase, the process isn’t ideal. Most of us who have traded stocks for years like the buy it and forget it method. It is much easier to have money in an account and just hit the buy button, and the order is filled. The problem with swapping is that new crypto traders might not understand the process.

It could very well be a turn-off for someone having to send money to an account, buy Tether, turn around, and then trade it for another currency. This process might prevent new investors from going all in. It is the reason exchanges like Coinbase make a world of difference. With exchanges like Coinbase and Etoro, you link your account and post your money. After your money hits the account, you buy what you want to buy! It is simple! You only have to buy once, and you do not have to worry about swapping anything out.

So, your new investors are going to be more willing to buy on the larger platforms, which bring simplicity and security. One of the things that these platforms are going to use as a determining factor, in my opinion, will be the functionality of Shibaswap. In 8 days, if Shibaswap shows a gain to the people who are using it, I think we will see more open doors. However, if Shibaswap has a lot of issues and people talking about losing money, things will remain icy. The future of Shib could very well be determined by the performance of Shibaswap. If it is an all-out success, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Dogecoin movement.

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As always I am not a financial advisor. If you would like to join Etoro use my link peeps! I get 50 bucks so I can buy me something!