Currently Viewing Bridgerton After Watching Lark Rise To Candleford

I love romances set in the historical period, so I love authors like Julia Quinn, Judith McNaught, Mary Balogh, and Lisa Kleypas. I’ve just finished up Lark Rise to Candleford, which was written by Flora Thompson. I must say I loved the show!

I am only on episode two of Bridergerton. Before I go on, I must say I love the costumes, casting, and the way the period has come to life. I am also loving the different take on music from today’s artist, yet the sounds are set in an almost classical style. This makes me want to go out and get yet another book by Julia Quinn. I would love to see if any fans of Julia Quinn’s books, would love to team up and watch this together!

I am in episode two if anyone wants to join.

Stumbling On Hidden Truths : Meghan And Harry

Welcome to my blog once again and today we’re going to talk about my girl: Meghan markle AKA Duchess of our Hearts!


As many of you have probably found out by now Meghan Markle and her husband Prince Harry have decided take a few inches back from the royal lifestyle. If you have followed the monarchy like I have, then you know Queen Elizabeth II has a lineage of relationships built on love.

From Queen Victoria I to Queen Elizabeth II love has been a common theme in this family. If you are wondering how or why Queen Elizabeth II gave approval for Meghan markle and Prince Harry to live outside of the throne look no further then her father’s brother who was once King of England.

Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle

It should come as no surprise that Prince Harry is committed to that same kind of unyielding love when it comes to his wife and child. I think people forget the Prince Harry it’s not directly in line for the throne. Since Prince William has two small sons it really takes a lot of the pressure off of Harry and lets him focus more on his lifestyle.

There are people who are very upset about the couple’s wish to move outside of tradition. I support the Queens opinion on the situation because everybody have a light. Perhaps Prince Harry and Meghan’s light will be better shown outside of the UK.

In my opinion, both Meghan and Harry are doing what’s necessary to raise her son in a therapeutic environment. I often wonder about our president’s children and how they fair. We watch the children of our presidents mature whole terms, sometimes up to 8 years.

Do we even know of their descendants today?

In case of royal families their children never seem to get out of the spotlight, imagine how damning that can be if the spotlight seems to be frequently jaded? For a lot of people, I think the UK seems like it was a Utopia for minorities, if you are not from the UK. According to the history books slavery ended in the European countries before it ever ended in the United States. We even had black people who went to live abroad to get away from hate crimes here at home.

I think the treatment that Meghan Markle has received has been somewhat shocking for Americans due to our perceptions on the UK. The media from the onslaught of Megan’s pregnancy down to probably the last 24 hours has been nothing but critical of Meghan Markle and Harry. I know people don’t want to use the term bullying because bullying is such a ugly word, but the media has been vicious. I’ve not seen the type of treatment The Duchess and the Duke of Sussex encountered passed on any other member of the Royal family.

Ironically, this was the family who could survive such a feat due to their strong history of listening to their hearts. In a way, we are just watching history repeat itself! Love gives us the courage to move when others would have been immobilized in sorrow.

Netflix’s “How It Ends” Makes Me Second Guess My Bad Book Review.

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So, watching How it Ends reminded me of a review I once received. I was very new to writing and thought that self publishing would be a breeze. One of my first books was The Last Love Story which I received a couple of negative reviews about and it kind of scared me away from writing for a while. I’m laughing a little right now, because at least my book explained why and how everything took place. When it comes to books dealing with the end of the world as we know it scenarios, I always find it interesting how many of us writers think so similar. My book was written before Revolution came out, so you could imagine the what what moment after I saw the first episode of Revolution! Anyway, back to the review! There are so many questions about How It Ends. What happened to Ricki, what caused the storm, and why was Kat with the creepy dude? I think the chaos level was right on point. We have seen chaos bring out the worse in people. I just feel like there’s no closure that comes at the end of this movie. I wanted to like it because it has three people whom I love to watch on the big screen, but there’s no conclusion.  I’m sorry Netflix, but this wasn’t the best movie. I have a favor on behalf of someone very special to me! She is requesting that you make a Blue Exorcist real life film because she’s in love with the anime. Thanks, and feel free to check out The Last Love Story.



The Kissing Booth-Netflix & Chill With My Husband Dish

I got a chance to see “The Kissing Booth” and I must say I loved it. It reminded me of the movie Pretty In Pink with Molly Ringwall, which is kind of awesome because she plays in The Kissing Booth as Elle’s best-friend’s mother. What I liked the most about the movie is that fact that is showcased relationships with the opposite sex minus the friends with benefit situation. I mean Elle does get involved with someone and the relationship does turn sexual, but it isn’t with her friend. It’s nice to see a movie that shows girls and guys can be best friends without the benefit angle.

The movie sparked a good conversation with my 16 year old as well because it gave me the opportunity to talk to her about her expectations of her friends. In the past we have talked to her about cutting people out of her life due to the kids not making the same decisions she would have made. The movie centers around two friends who are living their lives by rules that they made up when they were much younger. It covers a range of issues that teenagers go through today such as sex, acceptance, loyalty, and maintaining friendships. It has a rating for children 14 and up, but I feel like if you are in the room with your children, a 12 yr old or 13 yr old might be able to see it. I would have to rank it up there when we are talking about teen movies. Netflix hit the mark with this one!

I also viewed Sierra Burgess Is a Loser and I’m loving it. Netflix is giving our children good positive programming. This movie dealt with Sierra being involved in a catfishing plot. It also showcased bullying and the face behind the bully. I feel like this is a good movie for children who are at odds with who they are. Sierra Burgess Is a Loser shows children how true acceptance helps to navigate life’s problems and outcomes. Sierra was dealing with something that a lot of children deal with, she wasn’t sure of who she was or what she wanted to become. She let her outer appearance shy her away from relationships until her friend makes her deal with her deception head on. I do not want to ruin the movie, but this would be a great movie for kids having self confidence issues.

Another thing I loved about this movie was that is showed how real friends will not agree with everything you do. It showcased how friendship can come in different ways and how it can blossom from different avenues. The movie also dealt with the reason people react the way they do, in regards to bullying. I think it’s important that our children understand that everyone has good in them, but sometimes we need to dig a little deeper before we pass judgement. This is a great movie that will allow you to spark up a conversation about bullying and how your children are feeling. Sadly, that’s all I have. I’m seeing maybe 40 percent of this because I do not know where I placed my glasses. So, I’m off, I need those glasses!!!

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