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Can America See Around Racism While Dealing With The Border?

What if we are welcoming nothing less than a Trojan Horse? While the caravans might consist of some families, a large part of these caravans make up males and children that often times come without parents. I call on us to use common sense when we talk about Immigration. Many of the people who are

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Can Mass Migration Destabilize A Country?

This morning we are going to look at how destabilization throws a country into economic hardship for centuries. Most civilizations are started with basic needs which are normally the resources that help to make up the foundation for supporting the occupants around the area. These needs include food, governing body, workforce, and in most cases

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America Has Issues Because Many Of Us Focus on How To Treat Each Other ,One Day A Year.

Some of us focus on how to treat each other one day a week. Hate doesn’t accidentally happen. You don’t wake up one morning and decide today’s the day, you decide to hate each other. I remember growing up in the south as a small country girl. I had a white friend at school and

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