9 Year Old Pepper Sprayed By Cops


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This morning I ran across a video of a cop ignoring blatant signs of child abuse. The internet is blowing up today over a situation that showcases an officer pepper-spraying a nine-year-old. The video shows a child refusing to go inside with her mother. Seconds later, this mother comes up and starts cussing at the child, and then she physically attacks the child as the officer is trying to convince the youth to return inside the house with the woman.

During the interaction with the mother and the child, they both talk about physical incidents that took place inside the house. The daughter talks about the mom stabbing the father in the stomach, and then the mother tells the daughter that the blood she saw was her blood at not the father’s blood. We also have mention of a weapon in the same conversation.

It is safe to say we are looking at three types of abuse at a minimum confessed before the officer. We have neglectful supervision due to fighting around the child; we also have emotional abuse as the mother starts to cuss the child out before the cop, and the attack ticks off the physical abuse box, as well.

At some point, the mother stated that she was tired of the father putting his hands on the child, which again is neglect and possibly physical abuse. Instead of pepper-spraying this child, the officer should have been calling CPS. This is the problem with the system as it stands today. Often, real abuse cases are not being reported. Only 15 percent of abuse call-ins result in allegations being confirmed, due to the other 85% being false. There are many instances when people close their eyes or wait for someone else to report. If that child’s mother was that unhinged with a cop standing near, just imagine her without any authority. Due to the cop not understanding the ins and outs of child abuse, the PD failed this child. One has to wonder how many other cases have resulted in similar behavior without proper reporting.

How DID Trump’s Mishandling Of COVID-19 Information Shape Current Numbers?

COVID-19 officially hit cruises like The Diamond Princess around the early part of the year. These cruises would carry people across various parts of the world with newly infected people walking the virus to their home shores. News has surfaced from a recent video with President Trump talking about the severity of the virus.

What we now know:

Trump knew the 7th of February that the COVID-19 disease was airborne.

He also knew how dangerous the virus was and that the virus was killing both young people.

With this information going public, we now have to look back at what happened around that time regarding the outbreak. At the end of January Trump placed a ban on people coming from China due to the virus. This informs us that he knew something before February. The bans on other nations being hit by COVID-19 did not take place until after the beginning of March.


The beginning response to COVID-19 looked pretty textbook at the end of January. It would appear that everything was being implemented to prevent the spread behind the scenes. However, the problems start in February due to implementing things that should have taken place early that month. It took Trump over a month for his travel ban regarding China to include other parts of the world.

By this time, you still had cruises in the water and people walking around not having accurate information about the virus. As he was declaring COVID-19 a national emergency in the second week of March, he was coming off a rally downplaying the severity of the virus, by saying it was a hoax.

Perhaps it was moments like these that helped create the largest gap in understanding what the virus could do, and how the virus could upset life. Off and on, Trump would publicly struggle to define COVID-19 as the monster he privately referred to it as being in the infamous interview. In many cases, those missed chances to declare the virus as the true danger to the American public presented the American people a false sense of safety. It would be the deciding factor in how many American families would choose to protect themselves, or not protect themselves from COVID-19.

At the end of the day, Trump defended his decision by summing it as a means of trying to prevent panic. Yet, every day he tries to push panic in our homes and lives by turning us against each other. Yet the spin continues.

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Feeling Stressed Out Over Trump’s Decision To Open The Country

This entire week, I have been stressed out. My sleeping schedule has been horrible and it is because I am worried. For the first time, I am worried about our country. It feels like we are living in a country without real leaders.

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There’s no way to lift the shelter-in-place order without risking lives. Picture a town with maybe ten cases of COVID-19. Xtownship is the name! They might have a low number of sick people, but for sake of argument, say two towns down there is another town called Rapidtownship. They have a much larger number of people who carry the virus. Now, lets say this town finds out that it is safer to shop in Xtownship because they have less carriers, so they decide shop there and mistakenly take the virus with them. You now have new infections starting to pop up and more people having to go into hospital settings due to the new infections.

Add those to the 2000 people that are already dying each day, and you have a situation where our outbreaks starts to rival the world’s outbreak in cases overall. Lifting restrictions right now is so dangerous. It would be different if we weren’t the country with the most cases, but we are seeing new numbers daily. Our government is about to knowingly kill thousands more because they want to save the stock market.

Trump is sending a dangerous message and his people are listening. They are lining the streets in some cities already breaking shelter-in-place polices. In January someone in China posted this video.

I would tell him that I know a country that is doing just as bad as China. I would tell him that his warnings weren’t noted and that people didn’t learn from his experience because we were hard headed. I would also like to tell him thank you, for helping us to understand what to look for. When I first saw this video, I wished we could have saved the innocent dying from Wuhan, but now I wonder who will save us from Trump. He is going to destroy this country by letting people die and there’s nothing anyone can do about it.

By lifting these restrictions, he will put stress on fire fighters, policemen, hospital workers, and anyone else who works as a first responder. Think for yourself, and protect yourself. This government is moving to list things as essential for monetary gain. Ask yourself, why did the shelter-in-place go down long enough for rich people to make it out? The poor people are once again stuck, much like they were in China. The rich people have been able to relocate and you can bet your socks they will not be going out.

So, this is what we must do because our safety starts with us. First of all, make sure you are searching COVID-19 in your county daily. Your county should be giving an update as to how many cases are being reported as well as the number of dead. I use Google because for me it is easier. You go the Google search engine and put in your county and COVID-19. Make sure you also put in the state. After you do that, go all the way over to the tools bar under your search engine. It will be located right under the microphone. Click on it and then a list will appear under ALL which will start with anytime. Now, do not pick anytime, go down to the last 24 hours and run a check. This will bring up any new info within the last 24 hours in your county. Sometimes you might want to run last hour, but I would pick 24.

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This option will give you any new stats for new cases of COVID-19 and information on deaths. You can do this for any state, county, or city. This will also show if there is a rise in cases in your area. Be careful and just remember that we are in this together. Sending hugs to you all.

Texas Fast Becoming The Experimental State By Default For The Country

Later this week Governor Abbott will vocalize his plans on opening up our state. It is surprising because Texas hasn’t issued out nearly enough test to determine if people have the virus or not. Some of our counties aren’t being open about their numbers when it comes to COVID-19 cases. In my county we are still seeing increasing numbers. Our shelter-in-place policy is too broad and I think we will see the results of that flaw pretty soon. Abbott has opened up the public to gathering at mass events, such as churches. Some of these churches are large with a lot of people, and normally Easter Sunday brings people who haven’t worshiped all year, to these gatherings.

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Worship is important and so is fellowship. However, today we can do that over various platforms which promotes safety. I am fearful. I am fearful that we will see yet another spike because our government once again doesn’t seem to understand the nature of this virus. They are listening to people who have financial motives while they should be looking at the events that are unfolding all over America.

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How many lives are they willing to risk for financial gain? In many ways it’s like jumping into a body of water without knowing the depth. It might not look that bad, but you really do not know the reality of it until you get in. It is a sad day when you cannot trust your government to do the right thing. For the first time in my life, I cannot wait until it is time to pick new leaders. It would seem that some of our current officials do not understand that a sick and dying workforce produces more harm than good.

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Who knows maybe they have a pill that can make dead people gain them more money. We will find out soon.