Texas Fast Becoming The Experimental State By Default For The Country

Later this week Governor Abbott will vocalize his plans on opening up our state. It is surprising because Texas hasn’t issued out nearly enough test to determine if people have the virus or not. Some of our counties aren’t being open about their numbers when it comes to COVID-19 cases. In my county we are still seeing increasing numbers. Our shelter-in-place policy is too broad and I think we will see the results of that flaw pretty soon. Abbott has opened up the public to gathering at mass events, such as churches. Some of these churches are large with a lot of people, and normally Easter Sunday brings people who haven’t worshiped all year, to these gatherings.

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Worship is important and so is fellowship. However, today we can do that over various platforms which promotes safety. I am fearful. I am fearful that we will see yet another spike because our government once again doesn’t seem to understand the nature of this virus. They are listening to people who have financial motives while they should be looking at the events that are unfolding all over America.

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How many lives are they willing to risk for financial gain? In many ways it’s like jumping into a body of water without knowing the depth. It might not look that bad, but you really do not know the reality of it until you get in. It is a sad day when you cannot trust your government to do the right thing. For the first time in my life, I cannot wait until it is time to pick new leaders. It would seem that some of our current officials do not understand that a sick and dying workforce produces more harm than good.

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Who knows maybe they have a pill that can make dead people gain them more money. We will find out soon.

Planning The Perfect Vacation For People On A Budget.

If your family vacations are anything like mine, most of them result in trips to the ER, after all the fun ends. YEAH!! However, this year we are planning to go about it another way. We will plan the perfect vacation for people on a budget. The first thing we do is look for fun things near our state. It gives the children a chance to go out of state without making us pay so much in gas. This year the winner is!!

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The winner is New Mexico. Some of you might be wondering why New Mexico. Well New Mexico has an ice cave! My husband and I love the idea, I’m wondering how the children will like it. I think it will be a surprise because they aren’t into science like me. However, I want them to respect nature because while it is beautiful, it also has the ability to change life as we know it. Most of our trips have something to do with nature. I would love to go to Yellowstone, it really is a dream. Yet, it isn’t close enough for us and would hurt the budget. We try to find fun things that will allow us fun minus the guilt of spending after we get back home.

This year I plan on learning more about the adventure prior to pulling up to the site, God Willing! I will be a good mommy and make sure I pack lots of water and bananas. We will need to bring a bag with clothing that will protect us from the coldness inside the cave which shouldn’t be too costly. We have bags around the house and we can just use our normal cold weather clothing.

The first thing I like to do is google the distance of the place. It should take us around 13 hours to get to the cave. I have a Jeep that uses e85 gas so I think we are looking at 300 bucks in gas give or take 100 bucks either way. My husband is a state worker so he can get hotel rooms a little cheaper which will get us a better rate on a room. Trying to spend no more than 100 on a room per night which gives us at least two nights without drama. The park fee is 12 per adult, so we are looking at 60 for the whole family. Breakfast will consist of something from the hotel and packed lunches while we are touring.

While I bet New Mexico has nice local authentic food, we normally just stick to the dollar menu for dinner. Normally, our vacations always end with an ER visit because someone does something crazy. One vacation my husband hit is head on the cave ceiling. I was just about to say something to warn him before he hit his head, but I was too late. He started having severe headaches which warranted a visit to the ER.

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The other incident involved me sitting in a hard spot for five hours. LOL Hardspot! Get it! LOL okay, my sense of humor is my own. Anyway, after we made it to the car, I sat with my leg bent in the air for like three more hours. By the time I got home, I couldn’t walk. Turns out I hurt my butt, I didn’t even know that was a thing. I still swear I felt something jiggle around when I was walking. The nurses in the ER were laughing about it, but I was quite worried.

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Lastly, my daughter’s spider bite got infected by the other place we visited. We were having fun in the water which turned out to be irritating her bite. The doctor said it happens more times than people realize. We think those bandages are good for protection, but they can fail. Alison’s bandage came right off and that was what caused the infection. So, this year we will be adding a first aid supply kit to the trip. We are just too clumsy not to have one.

Are you planning anything fun this summer for your family?