The need for new leadership has never been more important


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Our country is engaged in a battle right now. We are fighting with blinders on and one hand tied behind our backs. Months ago Trump and his selected group of personnel stood up and laid out a plan to opening up America. The plan included a series of steps that needed to be accomplished before states would be allowed to open. Read the plan here which was approved by Trump.

Soon after that plan was mentioned states like Texas, Florida and GA rushed to open before conquering the first phase. Trump gave the governors more power to handle the virus while promising he would step in if the governor mishandled the situation.

Trump went on to be critical of Democratic Governors like Cuomo for high death rates and other Democrats for keeping their states locked down. Meanwhile, here in Texas we had our Lt,Governor Patrick saying that people should die for the economy.

So far he is getting his wish, caseloads are getting shorter and shorter for case workers overseeing the elderly. In some cases, as soon as the worker is routed a new client, he or she calls to find out that the client has already died to COVID-19. Now, the same people who pushed for the cleansing of old people are coming for our schools. This article is about how one school district now has to quarantine almost 1000 people due to COVID-19. Here is another story talking about how children in another state have been infected. Yet, our President wants us to believe that children are mostly immune to COVID-19.

I am sure he knows about the numbers, but the numbers do not fit his agenda or Patrick’s agenda. The Republicans are collectively putting our lives at risk each and every single day. They pushed to reopen states by kicking people off benefits before the states were safe enough to reopen. However, now they are having to add some of those same people back because COVID-19 is so out of control. With the surge that we are seeing in schools, it is just a matter of time before those are forced to either quit or get approval to work from home.

We had the audacity to think that we could skip vital parts of recovery and now we relapsing. So, I am calling on those who vote for Trump, to see the failure he has allowed to manifest. He has yet to call out the leadership in the red states with high cases from COVID-19. I have yet to hear him say anything about how Abbott or DeSantis fumbled the ball. What we are seeing is nothing more than a political game of chess that is being played with our lives. This isn’t about borders, socialized medicines, or funding the police in America. It is about people with too much to lose and people with two little to care. If you value anything at all, value your life, This vote might be the deciding factor in who lives or dies.



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COVID-19 Struggles In Texas

Last week my daughter got sick and was displaying signs of COVID-19. According to the website if anyone is having signs they need to isolate which is what we made her do. She was isolated in her room until her fever went away without having to use medication to keep it down. We were the ones cooking and bringing the meals downstairs to her. After her fever went away and she didn’t need any more meds she was free to return to normal. It turns out she did not have COVID-19.

This was still a wake-up call for her because it was a glimpse of what could have happened if it were COVID-19. She was isolated until her fever was three days gone without any medication. This means she only had access to her bathroom and she couldn’t watch any TV. We both talked to her and explained how she was lucky because if she had COVID-19 she would be in this room for 14 days. By the end of day three she totally got it. While it was hard not seeing her walk around the house being her normal goofy self, it was even scarier seeing her bedridden with fever for nearly 24 hours. The ER was like bring her in if her condition gets worse, and it took a day or two for nurses to return calls.

When you are dealing with adults, it is hard to explain the reason why. If you recall, my daughter got sick after she went out with some guy two days prior to her coming down with a bad headache and body aches. She met this person from Tinder. Prior to this incident, she would ask why couldn’t she just go out and do what she wanted because she was 18. She would inform us that her guy friends were telling her that she should be able to do whatever she wants because she is grown. So, she wanted to know why we were treating her like a child. Why is a difficult word for many of us and especially for children, but when children are transitioning into adults, it is even harder. I think my biggest fear is that she goes to college and takes this same carefree attitude with her. There are so many dangers awaiting our children and while I am glad this situation turned out okay, for many daughters it didn’t end well. Some of those girls never made it home. So, I have decided to take her with me to the next sex trafficking conference.

As for COVID-19. My husband’s boss has it and the office was closed from Friday until yesterday. All of the people who worked with his boss including my husband are back at work today. None of the people were able to get tested. I do not know how we are doing things in Texas. I thought if someone you work with comes up positive for COVID-19 that those people who work with that individual are supposed to go into isolation. However, they are not requesting it and not testing the people who worked with his boss. She talked with her employees and worked in the same office. It really feels like we are on our own or are living on borrowed time. I don’t know what to think anymore. Our city made wearing a mask mandatory for a few hours, and then went back to saying it was recommended.

I do not see myself going out anytime soon because I do not want to get mad and end up on someone’s YouTube channel. So for now I am trying to take it easy and calm down.

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Partisanship Is More Dangerous Than COVID-19 In Texas

Over a month ago I warned about the dangers of opening Texas after visiting a park location shortly after our leaders initiated the reopening of Texas.

Part of our requirements for reopening detailed people gathering at parks in small numbers with social distancing and the suggestion to wear a face mask. However, wearing a mask and social distancing were soon forgotten as people hit the sun.

Today we are finding that a large number of younger Texans are getting COVID-19 and it isn’t surprising. Greg Abbott never followed through with any of the consequences for people breaking protocols set by the CDC. In all honesty, he did not follow those guidelines. Texas never saw the decline in cases that should have preceded any sort of reopening. Abbott and others like him blindly followed Trump. They did so at the risk of our lives and countless others.

At minimum the government should have mandated mask and a safe path towards reopening. This has been a very confusing time for my own young adult children. I have three children ages 14 to 22. The 18 and 22 year old have struggled with Governor Mom, yes I like others, had to become the official, serving in my household. Okay, maybe not official, but I had to certainty put my own rules in place. It has been difficult at times, the Black Lives Matter protest was a big issue and my girls wanted to be right in the thick of it.

All I could do was go by the numbers I had been studying on a daily basis and do my best to explain why the protest would be a health threat. At times I felt hard-pressed because I am black and I wanted to very much be part of the movement. However, my 14 yr old has lung issues due to childhood illnesses. My at risk person is my child, so I stayed put. My girls also stayed put because they did not like my 14 day self isolation rule if they went to the protest. We ended up staying at home and joining other KPOP lovers by drowning out racist tweets. It wasn’t the same as walking in the streets, but it was our way of standing up for something bigger than ourselves. Take the racist tweets out one by one!

This brings me to the whole idea of partisanship. You can be part of something or a group and still have a voice. It is up to us to elect people who can be bipartisan. Right now partisanship is our biggest threat because it is forcing people to pick sides. They are putting ideology over commonsense. You cannot lead a household this way, nor can you lead a country in this manner. Partisanship stops progress because it deletes others from being able to voice their concerns and have them taken into consideration. Think back to the start of Coronavirus in the US. Have you seen both groups ever really come together in a bipartisan way? The answer is NO. We are a country divided to the core. Our leaders are divided and estranged from each other.

Frankly, I am feeling very discouraged because there is a lack of guidance. It not only creates problems in our country, but also in our households. It is enough to make a person pause and wonder what comes next?

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