Texas Is Moving Up The List For COVID-19 Cases

I have been tracking our position on the cases log for the past weeks and we are unquestionably moving upwards. As of right now, we are above Georgia in confirmed cases. However, our government will surely point out that we are also leading the cases for COVID-19 recoveries. While that might be true, it still doesn’t take away the fact that we are seeing thousands of cases increase for a single week. If there are thousands of cases being reported it would only be logical to conclude that there are lots more not being caught yet by the carriers or the health care institutions.

I think the following week will tell if our hospitals are really ready to contain the level of cases that are resulting from this opening. Texas is now below Florida with COVID-19 cases and even with the recoveries we do not know what those recoveries mean for children who might have been in the houses of the infected. So far this week we are looking at around 4 thousand cases of COVID-19. The number of people getting infected with this virus have stayed over a thousand since reopening except one day which saw 784 people. You can find more on these numbers by using the same site I use which is the Google search for COVID-19. https://www.google.com/search?sxsrf=ALeKk00fUgaw0ZASTLeSjME-Uf_FiZWVRg:1588931281291&q=texas+covid+cases&spell=1&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjj4d-k_qPpAhVLCc0KHW_6D8gQBSgAegQIDBAn&biw=1920&bih=888

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Keep in mind that COVID-19 is not like the flu in terms of infection. The flu does not infect as many people and the RO number is around 1.9 if I am not mistaken. COVID-19 is higher which means it reaches out and touches more people and that is why the spread keeps growing larger. Remember the video that I posted some months back. The true issues start to show when essential services get overwhelmed. We are now seven states down from New Jersey and 8 away from New York. Those two states show the largest number of people currently with the virus. Weeks if not days ago, we were below states like Louisiana, Georgia and Connecticut. So we are seeing a rise in cases. We are nearly at 1000 dead, and the numbers are still going up.

At this point all we can do is try to stay away from the whirlpool called COVID-19. It is not safe enough to venture out, so please do not let your guard down. Earlier this evening I went to the store down the road, and one of the clerks didn’t have on a mask. I happened to have two extra mask that protected against COVID-19. They are easier to wear and safer for people who are dealing with multiple customers. I asked the clerk if she would like to have a mask because I could give her one to be safe. She told me she wasn’t afraid to die. Then she said something about if she died at least she would have to see her husband. I stood back and silently thought to myself how this would probably be the last time I would return to the store. Not only did I like seeing my husband and my kids, but I wasn’t ready to die. If you cannot feel protective over your own life, why should I risk mine by being around you? Think about your actions, and then think about the communities you serve. If we are going to survive this, we need to be looking out for each other, not taking risks. That is the odd moment for this week.

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Explaining The Response Of The Government To Children In A COVID-19 Atmosphere

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My 18 year old daughter wanted to go on a date with a person she’s been talking to during shelter-in-place. Her understanding was that we were now in a better place with the virus since or governor eased up on the shelter-in-place policy. With parts of Texas opening back up and our president calling for a liberation of some states with shelter-in-place, the virus is starting to look like it is ending, to young people.

I agreed that both leaders have given the green light in some instances, but that it doesn’t mean we were out of the woods. I then informed her that we have the highest amount of people with the virus and that we also have lost the most people of any single country. As for our state, we haven’t even tested a good 10 percent of the population with people dying each day and new cases on the rise.

Just as the words made no since coming out of my mouth, a look of confusion flashed across her face. I continued and explained that COVID-19 was still pretty much a threat which is why school has been cancelled for the rest of the school year. She agreed that now wasn’t the time for the date and that it was probably best to listen to mom on this one.

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I used to think our government was somewhat smarter than the general population. I mean, in order to lead a state, nation, you would think they would be at least smart enough to know when to advance to go. Perhaps it doesn’t matter because at the end of the day, it is my job to take care of my family. The sad fact is that COVID-19 is increasing in numerous states. Our nation is now downplaying the threat just like they downplayed the likelihood of it causing any real risk to America.

My fellow friends, now is the time to stock up and be careful. Do not take extra risk and do not be fooled by the people who are willing to risk life for money. The Bible tells us that money is the root to all evil. I used to wonder in what capacity could money be evil, but then this situation took place. I believe we are being lied to from the top levels of government to stimulate the economy. This means the economy will get enough of a jump to boost up momentarily only to see a fall when newly infected individuals start to get sick.

Do not let your guard down. You do not have to go out and purchase all the food from your local market, but take notice of where your supplies are coming from. Know where local meat markets are located and stores that sell extra items. In case another shelter-in-place command comes down, you will be ready. Even if you are just buying one or two items a day, make sure you are buying something that you can use in case of an emergency.

Use your Nextdoor Apps to check on your neighbors. A lot of people are asking for help on the app and even setting up groups that go out and provide aid. Continue to help where you can, but do it in a way that keeps you and your family safe. Some of the hospitals that are dealing with COVID-19 are asking for donations, now would also be a great time to give a little to help those people. We might not be able to trust government, but we can still be there for each other.

If you are from other countries, post your information in my comment section and if you need help, we can try to do what we can to get you the help you need. All life matters and until we are all healthy and living the life we want to live, we should be trying to be there for each other. So hugs to all of you from all over the world! I know we are not the only ones hurting at this hour. To my readers in India, Spain, Italy, France, Philippians, UK, Ireland, US, Canada, and Poland I am sending my hugs. If I missed anyone, I am sorry.

Kisses from Texas!!

When Shelter-In-Place Gets Hard To Do

It doesn’t matter how large the house, or the apartment people are starting to feel restless. Our children are missing their friends and for many of us the walls are starting to feel a little like a prison.

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Due to the boredom and the restlessness that some of us are now starting to feel, many of us are doing unsafe things. If you are anything like my family, staying indoors can become a real obstacle after a while. The children start complaining, the TV shows start to get just a little boring, and online gaming loses it’s appeal.

So, what do you do with all your free time? Do, you throw caution to the wind and start going out mixing with other neighbors, or do you find a new coping skill? Did I really just say the C-word? Yes, because at the end of the day, that’s what we are doing. We are all trying to cope with COVID-19. Instead of risking your health and going out. Now is the time to try something new within your house. Maybe there’s a deck that needs repainting or a backyard playhouse that needs revamping. This would be the perfect time to take on that mission!

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This weekend my children will take on a new project that requires paint brushes and lots of paint. It wasn’t something I wanted to do, but it was something that my 14 year old requested some months back. She wanted to repaint their clubhouse. So, when we went to Walmart’s last weekend for food and supplies, I picked up paint.

I have been thinking a lot about the near future and food supplies. While I have faith in our ability to produce food as a nation, I am also a realist. If the crappola hits the fan, I want to be able to provide my children veggies. So, I am setting up a small garden this weekend. If all goes well these projects will help to add a little more life into a stressful atmosphere.

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Both of these projects are cheap and something anyone can try. The painting is something in the art realm and the gardening is something in the horticulture realm which both offer coping mechanisms. I think a lot of us who deal with mental health issues have to really be on top of trying to stay mentally healthy right now. I won’t lie, there are times when trying to commit to a coping skill seems downright unrealistic depending on how low my mood gets. It is one of the reasons I took down the calendar for my blog, because it was easy to see my spiral schedule, so to say!

Blogging also helps me stay mentally healthy. I was diagnosed with depression when I was a teenager after I tried to commit suicide. My parents were really against medication and eventually turned their back on therapy. So, oftentimes I would just kind of dangle in the wind. The only outlet I had was nature and writing. I would take long walks on our land and often end up at the pond watching the water below the small branches roll back and forth.

Water is my go to when the weather permits, but after we moved away from our last area, I haven’t been able to swim. I miss going to the lake and watching the boats sail by, I once even saw a floating car. One of my fears is that I will not be able to visit the water again. If this ordeal has taught me anything, it has taught me how to value everything in my life, no matter how small. So call on whatever you can to get you through the monotony of the day.

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Just this morning, I ordered Girl Scout Cookies because I miss it. It was normal, and it can be similar to normal without breaking the shelter-in-place command. So, when I get those cookies, I’m going to love on them a little before I devour them!! If you feel the need I will post the link. I can do something fun until my treadmill makes it here! https://www.girlscouts.org/en/cookie-care.html#get-inspired

In close, try find something uniquely you! It doesn’t have to cost money, or be outrageous. It can be the most simple thing, writing a book, starting a blog, or taking on a new skill! It just needs to be something that gets you out of your head. Have a safe weekend!

Games Helping To Keep Citizens Indoors and COVID-19 Free.

Video games have gotten bad reputations for many years now. However, today, they are fast becoming the escape from a world of anguish. While some of us who are under shelter-in-place orders take to Netflix or Hulu, there are countless others taking to imaginary worlds created by game developers.

My go to game is Ark. Ark is a game that deals with the development of survival skills, maintaining social relationships, and building bases. The whole idea is to take a piece of land and make it your own, by making a base.

After you make a base you will need to add some protection. I raise the dinosaur known as the tyrannosaurus rex! In order to raise these bad boys, you have to tame them. Aww yes, taming is another feature in the game which allows players to learn the ability to make arrows, and narcotics for knocking out potential friends. There are many more things that you will learn, but I will not spoil all of the fun.

After you have your base and your animals, you will want to do missions. Some people love boss fighting, some taming, and others just love to play the game. So, in the newest expansion which is called Genesis players have the ability do missions which help with gathering loot. You are able to get armor, saddles, and even weapons.

My favorite feature of the game is building. I love building because it takes my mind off of real life stuff and helps me to think about something a little less depressing. You can build a small base, large base, or a giant base! It can get time consuming because you are gathering supplies like wood, stone, and metal for the construction of your base.

At the end of the day, Wildcard is doing a wonderful job when it comes to helping their players stay calm. They are hosting different events that help to keep players alert and busy. This one is to Wildcard. Thanks for being there!

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