We Slid Into Another Car Last Night


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I can’t wait for this weather to go away. So, we had to venture out a little further than I expected last night As we were turning into an eatery, watching a cop attend to a wreck, we slid into this truck’s tire. Our car is small, so after backing up it slid back down. The cop came running over and checked on us and the truck driver.

By this time, the driver and my husband were looking at our vehicles. Needless to say, the truck was fine, but our car has a scratch. The cop said the whole thing was on video and then he couldn’t help but laugh. He was like the whole thing was pretty hilarious, then he saw my frown. He said he didn’t mean hilarious, but blah blah is all I heard next.

It was sort of funny, but seeing him say it was shocking! Anyway, it is good to see humanity still has a sense of humor. As for the scratch, we will have to get that removed a little later.

As for current plans, we are still on a boil water advisory. The water isn’t on yet and the stores haven’t restocked. I am still under my covers unable to muster up enough energy to get out of bed at the moment.

I want something to eat, but I am scared to go back out because I don’t want a repeat of last night. Ubereats is back up and working! However, I don’t want to waste the little money I have on delivery food. I think I will check and see if Amazon has water, maybe it will be under five bucks . That’s the game plan for today. I think I just brainstormed the first half of my day See, blogging can be helpful.

With The Snow Starting To Melt, How Will Texans Get Water With Stores Not having Water?


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So today looks a little better, but we still have a lot of snow. Many of us, like my family, are still without water. We still have to boil snow for water. We found a store that had some bottles of water yesterday which, allowed us to grab four more bottles.

I am a little fearful of what happens after the snow disappears. It has been easy enough getting the snow over these last few days, but after it is gone, what happens? A lot of the stores are empty now. I have no clue as to when the trucks will start running again. I have a big bin full of snow and some snow in the freezer.

We have plenty of beans, I stockpiled them during COVID, so until the stores restock, we will have to bean it up. I think the scariest part of all this is not knowing. I know the trucks will have to come at some point and restock, but I do not know when. I miss taking baths and showers already.

I would beat a person up for a loaf of bread right now!!! Okay, beat up is too strong! I would maybe tickle them to death or something. We have tuna, but the store didn’t have mayo or bread. We have peanut and jelly minus the bread, but we have crackers. I also managed to get noodles and potato salad. Yeah, don’t ask. I have a thing for mustard potato salad, and once again, the store was low on food. I have one pack of links, brats, some ground beef plus, and a crapload of beans. So, we are blessed. I read something from a mother in Nextdoor this morning asking for milk for her baby. Out of 14 people, only one person had something they could give. I wished I had milk, but we ran out days ago.

Anyway, this is what’s happening in our area right now. We are all trying to figure out how to navigate the coming days. Thank you for following us, and stay safe.

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Abbott’s Dishonesty Calls Integrity Into Question.


By now many of us are scratching our heads about the interview Governor Abbott gave on Fox News. Texas is not a green friendly state, we are knee deep in oil, and natural gas.

So, imagine my surprise when Abbott stated that our crisis was created by green energy machinery. Windmills weren’t the issue, poor planning was the issue. Abbott should have been meeting with ERCOT before the first snowflake landed on the ground.

Photo by Maria Orlova on Pexels.

I can only imagine how helpless these families are feeling after being without electricity for days. Some years ago when we lived in Garland, Texas we were hit with a tornado the day after Christmas. Our electricity was off for a couple of days, which resulted in me breaking canvases down , and using them for firewood.

Today we find ourselves without water, but we are blessed. We are trying to conserve electricity in order to help fight off another round of blackouts. This is the reason, I am doing this article on my phone.

I find it ironic how we are always asked to sacrifice. We have been asked to sacrifice our lives for the economy, and now they want people to sacrifice their lives once again for their pockets.

Why is the GOP constantly asking people to sacrifice and they aren’t willing to give anything in return? I guess we are all modern day slaves for the GOP until someone votes them out. They flushed integrity down the drain a long time ago. Abbott just clarified that with his lies on national TV. Stay warm.

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Many Texans Freeze As Texas Enters Day 2 Of the Historic Freeze.


Calls for help have been ringing out for at least 24 hours now. Many of our neighbors are waking up to no running water and no electricity. The timing couldn’t be more horrible. We have a storm that has rendered us helpless inside our homes. One of my neighbors from across the street managed to get a tractor. He was able to remove some of the snow in his driveway.

It is uncommon to see snow plows here, so people are relying on whatever they have to keep them going. Some families have been without electricity for over a day. The temperature has been as low as 9 degrees at times. It hasn’t gotten out of the teens for the last 24 hours.

Texas is no stranger to natural disasters, hurricanes, and tornadoes often occur. We were in the tornado that touched down the day after Christmas some years ago. Yet, the problem today is how this winter storm has crippled so many Texans and placed people in harm’s way. It is bad enough to be stuck in a storm of this size, but to be stuck without heat is unforgivable.

Some of our Republican leaders are already trying to shift the blame away from their interests. No matter what they say or do, this mess falls on them. At some point, we need to get away from voting for a party and start voting for people who have our wellbeing at heart. There are reports of rich neighborhoods with their electricity on and reports of failed rolling blackouts.

In most cases, rolling blackouts shift from neighborhood to neighborhood. They do not last over a couple of hours. We used to get them when we were stationed in California. We would drive around the duration of the blackout. The fact that we have families here with hours of no electricity showcases a real problem. These people have not been able to warm up, and if their driveway is anything like ours, getting out is going to be a nightmare. It all comes down to the vote, people. If you keep giving yourselves up as sacrificial lambs for the slaughter, you will keep getting treated like the lamb you are.

Yet, once again, this falls on Greg Abbott. He has shown a lack of understanding when it comes to taking certain situations seriously. Not only did we see major issues with his governance over COVID-19, but now we are witnessing another problem with his response to the winter storm.

It is time for Texas to get new leadership because we are seeing a pattern of bad leadership putting more Texans in harm’s way.