9/11 I’m Sorry, but Someone Had To Say It

Today is September 11th, I still remember where I was on that morning of September 11th, 2001. We were on my husband’s second tour in the Army at NTC Fort Irwin, California. I was around six months pregnant with our second child and in danger of being called to testify against someone in another state. I walked into living room and saw my husband gazing into the TV. He was like someone’s attacking us. I didn’t believe it at first, I thought it was tragic mistake, but then the other two planes hit. Life for the military changed instantly. Up until then NTC didn’t get deployed out often because it was a training area. Within a matter of weeks everyone that we knew in our area came down with orders. We came down on orders to Germany, across the street Germany, around the corner Japan and so on.

Flying after September the 11th was horrible. I recall not wanting to get on planes because of the constant footage of the planes going down. As luck would have it, after I arrived in Germany, an emergency happened back in the states. The emergency required me to travel back to Texas with my two children. I still remember the fear of stepping onto the plane. It felt like someone had placed a thousand pounds on my legs. I entered the plane and a group of middle eastern men poured into my aisle. I went into panic mode and started preparing my great plan to save the flight. (Sarcasm) As the men sat down next to me and my children, I started talking and talking. By the end of the flight, people thought I was Mrs. Whoever I was next to. I learned something that day, well two things really. The first thing I learned was that, I was arrogant to think my charm was enough to head off a true attack. The second thing was that I feared these men for no reason other than the fact that they were middle eastern. I was well on my road to becoming a bigot until I contemplated the reasons behind my reaction.

No matter the cost, no matter the heartache, we were able to put ourselves back together after 911. I hope we can do the same this time around. I feel like we are countries apart and we all live in the same country. We have people fighting each other because of this and because of that. People can no longer have opinions in this country without harsh criticism. If anything, I wish I could have bottled up some of that American spirit, months after 911 and spread it over the country, today. We used to respect each other, we used to care about each other, but I guess we let politicians get the better of us. But, hey it worked in slavery with the slaves, why shouldn’t it work now?

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Understanding It All.

This will be the last post this week on this subject. We are going to talk about reasons people can’t care for children within their family. There are two main reasons people lose rights to care for children when the parents can’t. The two main reasons people find themselves denied are for criminal and CPS history. Believe it or not in some families there aren’t any members who can pass that check. This is when removals are a must. Don’t get me wrong there are some cases that need removal at that moment because the kids are in life and death situations. However, most of the cases will not make it to this degree of urgency.

One thing that angered me was the fact that you would see different rulings for the same allegations. You would see females getting Reasons to Believe due to them being victims of domestic violence, but then a year later, the law changes. What about all the people who received Reasons to Believe from the years past? Keep in mind these Reasons to Believe are like issues showing up on your criminal record. If you have a Reason to Believe, you will have to kiss education, healthcare, or anything else dealing with central registry checks good-bye. The system needs work.

We won’t even go into the time I pushed to give a teacher a Reason to Believe for putting her hands on a child and leaving a mark on him. Her words about the children were horrible, but my boss wanted me to think about her job.

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WishingWhat If Away

I’m sure transitional times are hard for us all, but I am inwardly freaking out because I do not know what to do with myself on a professional level. I know, I never EVER plan on wearing any badges again. I don’t plan on dodging anymore sledgehammers, being locked in my own car by a deranged husbands, running away from people who want to rip my face off, oh and can’t forget being warned by a former client that she wanted to take my computer and kill me with it.

I can’t leave out the Big Booty Judy guy. I was on an investigation and this guy came up from nowhere. He cornered me near my car in a position where he could have raped me. So, as he was telling me about all the things he wanted to do to me and getting closer, I asked him what house did he live in. I had to gain control of the conversation.  To my surprise, he stopped and pointed behind us. I was like okay, I can get my freaky on, show me the house and let me get in my car and finish something up and I will meet you. He was like really! By this time he started backing up away from my Jeep. I was like yeah, for sure. Minute he was far enough for me to jump in my jeep and lock the door, I jumped in and took off. That’s why I can’t go back to investigations. We had no protection, and most of the times when we called the cops they would take hours to come.

So, today I waiting for funds that are supposed to fund something. I don’t know what I want to do with that something. At this point I feel like applying to Walmarts would be easy but I can’t pass the personality assessment. I have three months to figure out what I need to do with this mess called my life, and to be honest maybe even less because I feel the helplessness and instant drowsiness creeping in now. I have either three months, or until my depression comes back.

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Teachers Calling CPS With Intent to Force Medication On Parents.

First of all, I will start by saying, good morning. With school starting soon I wanted to get something off my chest.  Educators, you can’t force parents to put their children on ADHD/ADD medication. One of the calls I hated the most, and which always resulted in RULE OUTS was allegations from teachers who called CPS because they felt parents were committing medical neglect by not medicating their children. As a teacher, you cannot force a parent to put their child on ADHD/ADD medication. You can’t even say that child needs medication because you are not a doctor. Medication should never be used as a means of classroom management. In some cases children who are kinesthetic, which is a learning style, can look very similar to ADHD/ADD. There have even been some articles written on the similarities of both and questioning if some children are ADHD/ADD or if they are kinesthetic. I have seen my share of BS calls from schools on this issue as well as another issue we will talk about at a later date.

When I received calls from schools, I would often go to the school and sit inside the classroom to see the teacher in action. Sometimes, I would see children running all over the classroom. In one situation, I swore the allegations had to be on the wrong student due to multiple kids running around in a certain classroom. Imagine how surprised I was to learn it was on the child politely sitting at the table with two other students coloring? He looked up at her from time to time, but his hands stayed busy, could that child have been kinesthetic? I later found out that the teacher had recently gotten into an argument with his mother, so the call was in most cases, retaliation. We will talk about those calls at a later date, just know schools aren’t the only ones who call in retaliation cases, some cases have come from medical professionals, other parents, neighbors and even unknown people from the neighborhood.

At the end of the day, it is the teacher’s job to know what the kinesthetic learners look like.  I’m kinesthetic and for the longest time I didn’t know why I couldn’t stop moving around during class. The only way I could stay focused or not fall asleep in class was to doodle. After I went to college, I learned about the learning style and the reason why so many of us have a hard time following CERTAIN teachers. I found it nearly impossible to follow monotone teachers. Even to this day, I frown when thinking about some of my college professors who taught that way. Those are the classes I hated the most, and got the least from.

So just a little word of advice, if you notice a lot of little busy bodied children in your classroom this year, try changing up your teaching method before you call CPS with a medical neglect allegations due to parents not placing their children on ADHD/ADD medication. Medical neglect would be something that puts the child in harm’s way. If you are thinking it falls under educational neglect, I hate to inform you of this, but there is no such thing as educational neglect.

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