BOBBY Of IKON, Blackpink, and Red Velvet Are On The Move Again!! KPOP is FIRE!!!!!

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Music is about living and living is about experiencing music!  KPOP Dose! 

So you guys know I’m a KPOP fan, right?? Remember when I told you about NCT 127 and IKON with the awesome rapper BOBBY! Well, NCT 127 is now in the Billboard count thanks to their new song. We have to give thanks to BTS for this explosion. Without their work and talent we would never know about groups like the ones I mentioned above and below.

Bobby in now on the “Rise Remix” for League of Legends and it’s FIREEEEE!!! I told you so!!! I love it when I’m right! Bobby is the KPOP rapper from IKON and it’s like I stated before these groups are on the rise. Not only are the guys doing it big, but the girl groups are making movement too.

We have Blackpink with Dua Lipa singing Kiss me and Make up

And we also have John Legend and Wendy of Red Velvet.

So, yes the predictions are coming true. Let me look into my crystal ball!! I predict more movement up the charts and a culture that not even Nostradamus could have seen. Music will always be the cure and the bridge for people across the world.

I will post some videos below if you aren’t familiar with the groups. These songs are my favorite.

Red Velvet Peek-A-boo -I love twirling to this song. Yeah, I know!! I’m how old again! Peek-A-Boo!!

Blackpink- Boombayah- This song is fire! It kind of has a Spanish sound to it, yeah I love it.

This last song is the song that introduced me to Bobby!- It really showcases his awesome ability to rap.

This song highlights his singing which is the reason KPOP music seems to be a feast for all right now. These rappers not only rap, but they sing. They are good at singing!

There would be no KPOP without the one and truly Bigbang. Currently four out of the five members are in the military due to Korean laws which make it pretty much mandatory for young men to enlist. That means BTS, IKON, NCT 127 might have members who will have to take time away at some point to join up and answer the call.

Is It Contradictory To Berate Melania Trump For Her Clothing?

One of the best things about being an Independent is being able to see both sides of an argument without taking anything too personal. I think it’s important to understand that we are all united. It doesn’t matter what side of the road you live on or the color of your skin. With that said, I really hate the berating comments about Melania Trump. She wasn’t a lawyer, teacher, doctor, or scientist prior to her marriage. However, she was then and is now, a woman.

Why are we letting jobs demean women? I mean, make no mistake, by demeaning Melania, you are demeaning models who thrive in bringing fashion to us. She dresses nice because that is her brand.  Since when did we start knocking people for being who they are? Take notice of the person, not the clothing. In my opinion, Melania Trump did something which was extremely brave. She went to a Continent that her husband had pretty much thrown away and learned about this wonderful group of people on her own. She could have stayed home, but she took up the torch and did something only a few other First Ladies had accomplished.

Saul thought he was doing the right thing in the beginning of his journey until he was shown the truth of his ways on the road to Damascus. Sometimes the journey teaches the heart more than words could ever do. Don’t forget to be your best.


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Would the world mock her?

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Would the world mock her?

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If Tyra Banks, Claudia Schiffer, Kate Moss, Gisele Bündchen can all appear nude for the sake of their work, why are we judging Melania Trump?