Two Eateries Come Down With COVID-19 And They Are Less Than 7 Miles Apart

I hear a lot of people asking for data when it comes to how many people are getting COVID-19. This is my response look at your community when you are asking for data. Data can be swayed, but outbreaks in your community will be noticeable, believe me! Take our situation for example. We had two eateries come down with COVID-19 in a two week span. One was a Pizza Hut which was reported here and if you read the article you will see the days May 4th-May 7th.

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On May 3rd there was a report by a local news outlet that Taco Bell closed down temporally because of a case of COVID-19. This restaurant more than likely had it prior to Pizza Hut. The article can be found here. We are talking about less that 7 miles apart. We ordered Taco Bell from Ubereats a few weeks ago, so we were a little alarmed and still somewhat afraid.

Keep in mind, this is a small area, so if our Ubereats person happened to come into contact with this worker and caught it, there goes the spread. We keep hearing the officials talk about the reason we are seeing more people come down with the virus deals with more testing, but do not forget that those are testing positive because the virus is spreading.

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We are talking about two restaurants within 7 miles from each other which could possibly cause community spreads. We get caught up in numbers, but when you get food from these locations, stats are the last thing on your mind. You start trying to think back to when was the last time you received food from these areas and if you might have been exposed to anything. Be careful and think for yourself.

Texas Is Moving Up The List For COVID-19 Cases

I have been tracking our position on the cases log for the past weeks and we are unquestionably moving upwards. As of right now, we are above Georgia in confirmed cases. However, our government will surely point out that we are also leading the cases for COVID-19 recoveries. While that might be true, it still doesn’t take away the fact that we are seeing thousands of cases increase for a single week. If there are thousands of cases being reported it would only be logical to conclude that there are lots more not being caught yet by the carriers or the health care institutions.

I think the following week will tell if our hospitals are really ready to contain the level of cases that are resulting from this opening. Texas is now below Florida with COVID-19 cases and even with the recoveries we do not know what those recoveries mean for children who might have been in the houses of the infected. So far this week we are looking at around 4 thousand cases of COVID-19. The number of people getting infected with this virus have stayed over a thousand since reopening except one day which saw 784 people. You can find more on these numbers by using the same site I use which is the Google search for COVID-19.

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Keep in mind that COVID-19 is not like the flu in terms of infection. The flu does not infect as many people and the RO number is around 1.9 if I am not mistaken. COVID-19 is higher which means it reaches out and touches more people and that is why the spread keeps growing larger. Remember the video that I posted some months back. The true issues start to show when essential services get overwhelmed. We are now seven states down from New Jersey and 8 away from New York. Those two states show the largest number of people currently with the virus. Weeks if not days ago, we were below states like Louisiana, Georgia and Connecticut. So we are seeing a rise in cases. We are nearly at 1000 dead, and the numbers are still going up.

At this point all we can do is try to stay away from the whirlpool called COVID-19. It is not safe enough to venture out, so please do not let your guard down. Earlier this evening I went to the store down the road, and one of the clerks didn’t have on a mask. I happened to have two extra mask that protected against COVID-19. They are easier to wear and safer for people who are dealing with multiple customers. I asked the clerk if she would like to have a mask because I could give her one to be safe. She told me she wasn’t afraid to die. Then she said something about if she died at least she would have to see her husband. I stood back and silently thought to myself how this would probably be the last time I would return to the store. Not only did I like seeing my husband and my kids, but I wasn’t ready to die. If you cannot feel protective over your own life, why should I risk mine by being around you? Think about your actions, and then think about the communities you serve. If we are going to survive this, we need to be looking out for each other, not taking risks. That is the odd moment for this week.

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Don’t Keep It In, Write It Out!

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We are living in a stressful time and people are suffering all over the world. Right now would be a really good time to pick up a hobby or start a new project to get your mind off of the stressful junk. It feels like we are in the middle of a boat that’s headed down the river. We do not know what we will find, but we know we must stay inside , and survive the gathering storm.

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So, instead of worrying about it, blog about it! You can blog about anything under the sun. You can start a blog about poetry, songs, photos, paintings, or even your feelings about being alive in 2020. Your blog is your space to unwind, I think of my blog as a home away from home. It’s 2 in the morning and this is where I want to be.

I think it’s important to have an outlet right now because there are so many people out of work, worried about going back to work, or worried about their loved ones going to work. I mean there is fear at every crossing, but it doesn’t have to immobilize you. I remember when my husband was in Iraq and the girls and I were in Germany. I got word that my mother died which was horrible because this was someone I used to call three and four times a day. Getting on the plane was the hardest thing I ever had to do, because it was to say goodbye for the last time.

In those moments, I ran towards writings, it was my only way of dealing with my grief. I didn’t really know anything about writing. I only knew writing made me miss her less. So, when I wrote The Last Love Story. It was more about how I felt pretty much abandoned even as an adult. I have never had the heart to take the books down, because for me they were a healing process. I do not know where I would be today if it weren’t for those moments back then. So, it is okay to be upset, just make sure you are doing something to deal with the emotions.