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Scary Times For Parents Equal Sleepless Nights

My daughter finally called around four this morning. Before she called I was getting in touch with everyone I knew. I finally reached someone who had been in touch with her 11 hours ago and he’s in New Zealand. Someone was finally able to… Continue Reading “Scary Times For Parents Equal Sleepless Nights”

When Disasters Make You Stronger

It was the day after Christmas and a day I will truly never forget. We had just made it home and were unpacking our things from spending the earlier part of the day with family. My husband and I went to the store and… Continue Reading “When Disasters Make You Stronger”

Space Force Under Trump-Flop/Or Not

First of all, I have to admit something to you. I’m a total geek, and I mean a total geek. I’ve even written a story about aliens. The Alien Recruitment. I’ve always wondered about life on other planets and gazed up at the sky in hopes… Continue Reading “Space Force Under Trump-Flop/Or Not”

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