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Can America See Around Racism While Dealing With The Border?

What if we are welcoming nothing less than a Trojan Horse? While the caravans might consist of some families, a large part of these caravans make up males and children that often times come without parents. I call on us to use common sense when we talk about Immigration. Many of the people who are

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Raising Women In Today’s America

As many of you know I have three daughters. Here’s two at the ballet trying hard to not be noticed. Didn’t want to risk their black/Puerto Rican cards! According to them, the ballet wasn’t a black/Puerto Rican thing. Whatever that means! We talk a lot about race and hate in America. A lot of times we link hate to political groups. If you are Democratic, you hate all

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The Government Shut Down Equals A Big Fat F On Government Awareness.

We now have 800,000 people not getting paid because the Republicans and Democrats can’t seem to find a common ground. While I am in favor or the wall, I am not in favor some of the issues surrounding many of the Republicans serving the people today. Let’s talk about the wall. I am in favor

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