Homeless Due To Covid-19

In the coming weeks some people in the state of Texas and other states will start losing their shelter. These people have been hit hard by COVID-19, and now their situation will go from grim to unimaginable. If ever there was a time for a basic universal income in the United States the time would be now. In some cases, jobs go hand in hand with shelter. Getting a job depends on location, money, availability and transportation. If just one of those four items are found lacking, it diminishes the possibility for the applicant to advance.

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Not only does it diminish the possibility for advancement, but it also creates other problems such as neglect charges being filed, mental health concerns, and safety. It was always difficult to investigate neglect charges due to poverty. In some cases we would be able to redirect people to shelters, food pantries, help supply money for rent, but now a lot of those places are hurting for funding. My fear as an ex investigator, domestic violence advocate, and mental health worker is that we are now moving into dangerous territory. Truth be told, we have been there for a while.

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If cities allow evictions to continue when we are facing such unforgiving hardships, we will see spikes across the board in all sectors of abuse. We already know since the shelter in place started there were spikes in domestic violence, well if homeless trends start to pop up people will then be forced into unsafe living conditions. Homeless shelters can be extremely dangerous for people with young children and for women. They are often targeted by sex traffickers and other forms of scams. Child abuse will also increase as it often does is stressful situations.

Some of the people might be lucky enough to have family willing to take them in, but not everyone has family. In some states that are still allowing their residents to draw unemployment, they will be able to see more stability due to those funds. However, states like Texas will have to be very careful in the upcoming months due to the restrictions placed on unemployment benefits. While some of these people might be able to return to work, their hours will not look like they did six months ago. If you are a worker that gets paid by the hour, this could very well be the question of job stability.

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So, this is what opening looks like in Texas. It is a momentarily fix for the state, but a potential downfall for the individuals caught between the virus’s aftermath and transition. If you need more information on how to stop or how to get help with an eviction please read the article below. https://www.kxan.com/investigations/texas-supreme-court-allows-evictions-to-resume-this-week-but-many-renters-are-still-protected/ There might be help for you or someone you know.

You Have The Ultimate Power To Stay Safe

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As the nation ends preventive measures like Stay-At-Home Policies across the nation, many of us are starting to feel a little uneasy and even forced into a situation that we do not feel comfortable with. For the majority of us, we understand that the timing is very questionable, but the government has placed many of our sisters and brothers in a difficult situation. At the current time our country lacks the very items that are needed for many of us to be safe. Hand sanitizer, mask and other things that are extremely important however they are nowhere to be found. I have ordered two different sets of mask from Amazon and have yet to get either order. I have also ordered two small bottles of hand sanitizer and those haven’t come yet either. My husband is essential and his one bottle has started to run out. He had an extra bottle at work, but it was stolen. He now has to use the one bottle that was supposed to be for all of us and siphon what little hand sanitizer we had for the cleaning of his hands. It is now used as his travel bottle because he isn’t always near water and a sink. As for the rest of us, we do not go out. We are at home until we can get the items we need to be safe on the outside.

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Our family will do exactly what we started before the shelter-in-place ordered was instituted. We had already started avoiding large crowds and finding other ways to stay safe. https://shellzonit.com/2020/03/03/moving-around-during-an-outbreak/ Not only will we continue to be careful, but I will start making our own hand sanitizer. I have found out that the little stores down the road never have hand sanitizer which leaves the clerks in danger. I will give them some bottles as well as my husband and his coworkers some bottles to keep them safe. I will have a stash for my blog readers, it will only be a certain number because the rest I will have to sell in order to continue making the sanitizer.

I am still waiting on my supplies and I will not post any info until we have used the sanitizer on ourselves to make sure they are safe for all. We have eczema in our family, so we want to make sure no skin type is harmed by the mixture. It is the CDC’s formula which means it will be followed by what they are referencing. I cannot promise a date because again a lot of the preventive measure items that I have ordered are still missing in action. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/03/20/fda-says-it-wont-take-action-against-manufacturers-that-start-making-hand-sanitizer.html If I am able to get my stuff up and running, it will be at a price that allows all people to afford. The biggest obstacle I see will be shipping, I have to find a way to afford shipping without charging too much for shipping. We shouldn’t be selling anything costly when we have a pandemic and especially when people are being forced to participate in something that could end their lives. Here in Texas our people have little or no choice when it comes to returning to work. They must either return or see their financial help cut off. That’s not fair, but that is how the government is treating their citizens. If you ask me the government should be giving people the gloves, mask and hand sanitizer to stay safe, but safety isn’t their man concern. Their main concern is making money and keeping the markets from going under. So, stay safe as always and we are in this together.

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Coronavirus Is Mapping A New Environment.

As many of us continue to deal with the daily effects of staying indoors, some of us are starting to come to sobering conclusions. Families in my small town are now starting to pack up and move. With this area being the epicenter of COVID-19 we are now hearing of friends preparing to make moves that will change the map of our children’s lives.

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Today my daughter informed me that one of her friends would now be relocating to another state due to the virus. A few minutes later he called and was crying about the upcoming move which will take place in hours. When you think about this virus you do not think about the permanent damage it is going to do to our neighborhoods. We think about the shelter-in-place order and how everyone will hopefully stay put and make it out alive in the next few months.

Pause for a second, what does it even mean to deal with something in 2020 that could hinder our ability to make it out alive? That’s the new world we live in. We live in a world that is looking like something out of a dystopian novel. I do not think many of us understand the full scope of the devastation that COVID-19 will send through our neighborhoods. Not only is it hurting people physically, but it is also wrecking relationships for those who rely very dearly on their peers.

While we understand that our children cannot go over and hang out with their friends at this moment, most of us, are at least telling them that they will be able to see them once this ordeal ends. However, what happens when it ends and their friends have already relocated due to the financial burdens?

Within a 10 to 35 mile radius, we have seen COVID-19 kill at least one school principal and enter into our drive through establishments. Two restaurants had to temporarily close due to employees having the virus and now it has started to show up in my husband’s working arena. While, I am happy that he now works from home three days a week, I still fear for his safety the other two days with COVID-19 having such a firm grasp within his industry. He is essential so there’s nothing we can do, but follow CDC guidelines to the best of our ability. If you are like me and you have a family made of up essential workers, the fear is real.

So, keep that in mind as we go through the next few weeks. We are in this together and no matter the situation, we will get through this one way or the other. I cannot promise that our neighborhoods will not come out of this without scar tissue. In many cases, the aftermath will be visible, but we are still one. Keep compassion flowing because our spirit is stronger than this virus.

Side Note Of the Day. We were reading Nextdoor and noticed a post from a family that works in the medical community. Please be mindful and remember that shelter-in-place means children cannot be hanging out with their pals.

Hey Bellmont neighbors! I’m kindly suggesting that we quit allowing or sending kids to other people’s houses right now. I know they are cooped up, but my husband and I are essential healthcare employees and so are many of you. It’s dangerous for them to be coming house to house.

Latest Information On Our Coronavirus Situation.

So, our situation isn’t getting any better. It’s kind of crazy because as many of you know, I have followed this virus for months. I even tried to get more attention for residents of China and now it is on my doorstep. I keep thinking about the video in my first blog posting about the virus. https://shellzonit.com/2020/01/29/are-we-ready-for-the-coronavirus/ The young man made it clear, we have to watch how we descend on hospitals. However, I understand the fear of wanting to go. It is scary when you think about an unknown virus and the fact that it can attack your family members.

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Our city which has less than 80,000 people now has a community outbreak. We have hit around 5 cases and the last case happens to be tied to community living in an elderly home. It was reported by our local station that this is our second community level spread. We do not know the ties of the first community spread patient. That’s a little scary because it doesn’t give us any information on where this spread took place. I am not looking for a specific location, but we need to know what industry at least. https://www.tdtnews.com/news/coronavirus/article_23c7c18a-6bd0-11ea-9387-cb22d191e332.html

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Many of us are afraid because of the outbreak in Washington which was centered around a similar situation. When you are talking about an elderly community, you have to take the community into consideration. You have frequent visitors from the community doing religious work as well as visiting their loved ones. It is scary because there could be a large amount of people linked to that one establishment. We have watched our numbers climb day after day since testing started.

Who knows what tomorrow will look like, but as for now, I hope people keep us in their prayers. I do not know what a Washington like outbreak looks like for my small town. As for my family, we are continuing to do the same. We limit the amount of people who go out, and we also stick to visiting grocery stores in the morning. My husband is still working and will be for the unforeseeable future. His office isn’t working from home yet, and that’s scary. That’s the update. I hope your town is holding up better than mine.