Trying To Explain The Need For A Quarantine To Kids

We have been under a shelter-in-place order for weeks now. Weeks feel like months for some reason. So when it rained today, I got really excited and so did the girls. Maybe the rain symbolized some degree of normalcy. The smell was familiar the feeling was comforting and then reality set in. The things we […]

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My City Is Now The Epicenter For Coronavirus In My County.

It was something that was perhaps destined to happen due to the attitudes in regards to COVID-19. If you recall one of my postings from a couple of weeks ago, I talked about seeing people crowed in the parking lots of restaurants. Around that time we were told that we needed to practice social distancing […]

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Staying Coronavirus Free Is Going To Be Tricky For Many.

After my husband arrived home from work, he informed me that his co-worker went to Houston for a week. Houston is the city with the most cases in the state of Texas besides San Antonio with the quarantined people. I am a constant planner, so much, that I planned our anniversary getaway based on the […]

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