Planning The Perfect Vacation For People On A Budget.

Planning The Perfect Vacation For People On A Budget.

If your family vacations are anything like mine, most of them result in trips to the ER, after all the fun ends. YEAH!! However, this year we are planning to go about it another way. We will plan the perfect vacation for people on a budget. The first thing we do is look for fun things near our state. It gives the children a chance to go out of state without making us pay so much in gas. This year the winner is!!

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The winner is New Mexico. Some of you might be wondering why New Mexico. Well New Mexico has an ice cave! My husband and I love the idea, I’m wondering how the children will like it. I think it will be a surprise because they aren’t into science like me. However, I want them to respect nature because while it is beautiful, it also has the ability to change life as we know it. Most of our trips have something to do with nature. I would love to go to Yellowstone, it really is a dream. Yet, it isn’t close enough for us and would hurt the budget. We try to find fun things that will allow us fun minus the guilt of spending after we get back home.

This year I plan on learning more about the adventure prior to pulling up to the site, God Willing! I will be a good mommy and make sure I pack lots of water and bananas. We will need to bring a bag with clothing that will protect us from the coldness inside the cave which shouldn’t be too costly. We have bags around the house and we can just use our normal cold weather clothing.

The first thing I like to do is google the distance of the place. It should take us around 13 hours to get to the cave. I have a Jeep that uses e85 gas so I think we are looking at 300 bucks in gas give or take 100 bucks either way. My husband is a state worker so he can get hotel rooms a little cheaper which will get us a better rate on a room. Trying to spend no more than 100 on a room per night which gives us at least two nights without drama. The park fee is 12 per adult, so we are looking at 60 for the whole family. Breakfast will consist of something from the hotel and packed lunches while we are touring.

While I bet New Mexico has nice local authentic food, we normally just stick to the dollar menu for dinner. Normally, our vacations always end with an ER visit because someone does something crazy. One vacation my husband hit is head on the cave ceiling. I was just about to say something to warn him before he hit his head, but I was too late. He started having severe headaches which warranted a visit to the ER.

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The other incident involved me sitting in a hard spot for five hours. LOL Hardspot! Get it! LOL okay, my sense of humor is my own. Anyway, after we made it to the car, I sat with my leg bent in the air for like three more hours. By the time I got home, I couldn’t walk. Turns out I hurt my butt, I didn’t even know that was a thing. I still swear I felt something jiggle around when I was walking. The nurses in the ER were laughing about it, but I was quite worried.

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Lastly, my daughter’s spider bite got infected by the other place we visited. We were having fun in the water which turned out to be irritating her bite. The doctor said it happens more times than people realize. We think those bandages are good for protection, but they can fail. Alison’s bandage came right off and that was what caused the infection. So, this year we will be adding a first aid supply kit to the trip. We are just too clumsy not to have one.

Are you planning anything fun this summer for your family?


How Are You Rating Your Quality Time

How Are You Rating Your Quality Time

Families are made up of so many different things. With each family comes a set of unique illustrations that paint that family’s life from within. Trauma seems to add new details and sections to the dynamics which can ultimately alter how families are able to coexist among each other. It is at the end of the school year, and we have come to the conclusion that we are still dealing with the tremors of trauma from five years ago.

If the event would have been an earthquake, you would have expected to see small tremors that popped up some years ago. However, it seems as though the tremors are harmonic in nature and ever reaching. We were finally able to have a real heart to heart with our 13 year old. Yes, I said the 13 year old. She was 8 when her sister was attacked and my oldest was 16. In many ways we focused so much and so hard on the recovery process for one child that we nearly lost the other two.

My eldest has been living in Florida for nearly six months now. It makes me sad to write this because I don’t know how much I missed when it comes to being there for the 13 year old. For the past five years while I was trying to save one daughter, I was slowly letting the other two drift away. After having a real heart to heart, my baby finally opened up and told me how she felt.

She informed me that there were nights that she would just lay in her room crying because she felt like we didn’t see her. No parent ever wants to hear that, you do not want to hear that you were a shit parent. I think I did what my parents did in many ways. I tried to bring in things to make up for not being there. We had the season tickets to Six Flags, great hiking adventures, and even trips to craters. We were really trying to meet that quality time quota that so many of us play towards.

Now, we are looking at quality time in a much different way. It’s about those trips to markets that result in instant bright face appreciation as well as those moments of tenderness because some boy has broken her heart. It’s about telling her how much we love her each and every night and telling her no matter the outcome, she will overcome. In my mind, I still see her as

this little one. This picture was taken on some random day at the park. We decided to ditch the normal routine after school and have a play date. Don’t make the mistake that we made and think that quality time has to be something like below.

Hiking in the mountains.

Going to ballet.

Mining in dormant volcanoes.

It can be anything as simple as just watching your kids walk ahead of you at the park. If you are anything like my family, you are still trying to work out the kinks. We are moving in a better direction, but that direction now comes with open eyes. It’s not always easy after you take off the rose colored glasses, but it’s something that you can’t ignore. Don’t miss those moments.

Reflection: It’s Time To Go.

Reflection: It’s Time To Go.

I haven’t been writing in a while because I’ve just needed time to find myself. I have been thinking about when I was a little girl. I remember hearing that if you wrote your desires on paper that God would bless them. I didn’t write a request to make millions of dollars, but I wrote a request that God would bless me with a family. God has blessed me with a family and a husband that I am so in love with.

Don’t ignore your answers when he gives them to you guys. They might not always be the answers you want to hear, but they turn out in the end. I don’t have anything to say, and this might be the last post for me. I just want to say, thanks for being here with me. I hope you find whatever you are looking for.

Netflix’s “How It Ends” Makes Me Second Guess My Bad Book Review.

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So, watching How it Ends reminded me of a review I once received. I was very new to writing and thought that self publishing would be a breeze. One of my first books was The Last Love Story which I received a couple of negative reviews about and it kind of scared me away from writing for a while. I’m laughing a little right now, because at least my book explained why and how everything took place. When it comes to books dealing with the end of the world as we know it scenarios, I always find it interesting how many of us writers think so similar. My book was written before Revolution came out, so you could imagine the what what moment after I saw the first episode of Revolution! Anyway, back to the review! There are so many questions about How It Ends. What happened to Ricki, what caused the storm, and why was Kat with the creepy dude? I think the chaos level was right on point. We have seen chaos bring out the worse in people. I just feel like there’s no closure that comes at the end of this movie. I wanted to like it because it has three people whom I love to watch on the big screen, but there’s no conclusion.  I’m sorry Netflix, but this wasn’t the best movie. I have a favor on behalf of someone very special to me! She is requesting that you make a Blue Exorcist real life film because she’s in love with the anime. Thanks, and feel free to check out The Last Love Story.



The Kissing Booth-Netflix & Chill With My Husband Dish

I got a chance to see “The Kissing Booth” and I must say I loved it. It reminded me of the movie Pretty In Pink with Molly Ringwall, which is kind of awesome because she plays in The Kissing Booth as Elle’s best-friend’s mother. What I liked the most about the movie is that fact that is showcased relationships with the opposite sex minus the friends with benefit situation. I mean Elle does get involved with someone and the relationship does turn sexual, but it isn’t with her friend. It’s nice to see a movie that shows girls and guys can be best friends without the benefit angle.

The movie sparked a good conversation with my 16 year old as well because it gave me the opportunity to talk to her about her expectations of her friends. In the past we have talked to her about cutting people out of her life due to the kids not making the same decisions she would have made. The movie centers around two friends who are living their lives by rules that they made up when they were much younger. It covers a range of issues that teenagers go through today such as sex, acceptance, loyalty, and maintaining friendships. It has a rating for children 14 and up, but I feel like if you are in the room with your children, a 12 yr old or 13 yr old might be able to see it. I would have to rank it up there when we are talking about teen movies. Netflix hit the mark with this one!

I also viewed Sierra Burgess Is a Loser and I’m loving it. Netflix is giving our children good positive programming. This movie dealt with Sierra being involved in a catfishing plot. It also showcased bullying and the face behind the bully. I feel like this is a good movie for children who are at odds with who they are. Sierra Burgess Is a Loser shows children how true acceptance helps to navigate life’s problems and outcomes. Sierra was dealing with something that a lot of children deal with, she wasn’t sure of who she was or what she wanted to become. She let her outer appearance shy her away from relationships until her friend makes her deal with her deception head on. I do not want to ruin the movie, but this would be a great movie for kids having self confidence issues.

Another thing I loved about this movie was that is showed how real friends will not agree with everything you do. It showcased how friendship can come in different ways and how it can blossom from different avenues. The movie also dealt with the reason people react the way they do, in regards to bullying. I think it’s important that our children understand that everyone has good in them, but sometimes we need to dig a little deeper before we pass judgement. This is a great movie that will allow you to spark up a conversation about bullying and how your children are feeling. Sadly, that’s all I have. I’m seeing maybe 40 percent of this because I do not know where I placed my glasses. So, I’m off, I need those glasses!!!

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I Love You Netflix, But…

Netflix has come a long with their programming. I’ve been able to discover some great shows that I wouldn’t have known about if it hadn’t been for Netflix. I’m a lover of British shows, Science Fiction and sometimes Romance with a splash of Drama. I super love Netflix Originals! So, I’ve decided to do something new with October. For each day in October, I will be watching a Netflix Original.

Yesterday I viewed “Hold the Dark” which started off interesting, but quickly grew confusing. I love Jeffrey Wright, so I was super thrilled when I found out he played one of the main characters in the movie. Sadly, I do not feel like the movie explained enough. The setting takes place in some remote village in Alaska. The imagery is beautiful, the actors and actresses are okay, but the plot leaves me shaking my head. I’m halfway wondering if there is a book on the movie.

In the beginning of the movie Mr. Wright’s character is contacted by a grieving mother. At that point the movie seems to be promising. It looks like we are going to see him venture off into the wilderness in search for a coven of wolves. There’s an adventure on the horizon that will yield answers, at least that was my thought. Then from out of nowhere the mother lets her secret out of the bag. There’s no explanation for her secret. Then the father arrives, and things get even crazier. He goes off on a rampage that doesn’t make any sense. I do not want to give the movie away, so I will not write step by step details, but I wouldn’t watch it again.

In the end, this original seemed rushed. The characters weren’t rounded enough for me to invest in them and the reasons behind the events didn’t make sense. I’m still trying to figure out what was the reason behind the events that took place. I wanted to like the movie because it was relatable for the first 20 minutes, but then it went to the left. So I would have to say “Hold the Dark” was disappointing, but never fear, I have a month’s worth of new programming to try. The Kissing Booth will be viewed next.

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Fan Fiction-BTS Alison’s Work

Fishing Boat

I'm trying to save up for the Pelican Predator 10'3 fishing boat. It's 849.00! If you know anyone in Texas who wants to gift a boat because they don't need it anymore, that would be even better. At this rate it's going to take me a long time to save up!!!


I’m sure by now, many of you have heard of the group BTS. They have inspired a movement as it seems in tweens and teens across the world. Yes, I said the world people! These boys are nearly a billion dollar group and I think it’s because they are selling love.


My daughter explained ever so passionately that there is a difference between BTS and other groups. She stated that BTS teaches people how to love themselves no matter what. She revealed how upset she was after she broke up with her boyfriend last year, and how their music made her understand why the breakup was needed.


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I now present you with Alison’s part two of her BTS Fan Fiction. When I was 12 I was playing with dolls, she’s making mini movies!!