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World Of Warcraft released their newest expansion called Shadowlands in November. Players are saying they like Shadowlands better than BFA because of the leveling system. The new leveling system is supposed to make it easier to level alt characters. Shadowlands took the levels from 120 to level 60 which is called a level squish.

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World of Warcraft has struggled over the years with keeping players. Many people thought the movie which came out in 2016 would revamp the dedication and restore WoW, but it was a quick fix that did not work.

Blizzard brought Classic back in 2019, but many people argued that Classic prevented people from leveling alts because it took too long and it was not alt friendly. Perhaps, one of the issues is that WoW is still a $15 dollar subscription. The content changes a little, but not enough to keep players wanting to pay out the $15 dollars each and every month for years. Luckily, players now have a chance to use their in game currency as a means of paying for their subs. This is both good for the players and Blizzard because it helps to keep interest alive and well until the next expansion comes out.