Is The Press To Blame For The Elderly’s Blind Faith In President Trump’s Reaction to COVID-19?

U.S. President Donald Trump speaks to members of the media before departing for New York on the South Lawn of the White House in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday, May 23, 2018. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo acknowledged — after prodding by lawmakers — that he backs the finding by U.S. intelligence agencies that Russia meddled in the U.S. presidential campaign to hurt Hillary Clinton and ultimately help Trump. Photographer: Eric Thayer/Bloomberg via Getty Images

What makes a person trustworthy? Perhaps, this is the biggest problem our nation now faces. We are dealing with an outbreak and a leader that cannot be trusted in a traditional sense because he is protected by the very people who are supposed to be impartial. So, how do we as a country move forward without stumbling into the pits of chaos?

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These answers are not easy to come by. On one accord trusting him means, buying into the mindset that he’s actually capable of telling the truth. However, on the other hand it also means turning a blind eye to all of the things he’s stated in the past. There’s so much confusion surrounding him and his early reaction to the coronavirus. In many ways, his first reaction is the reaction that will stay with many Americans.

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The population that is at risk happens to be the population that offers Trump blind trust. This Sunday as we drove around our city we noticed the largest group that happened to be frequenting the restaurants. They were waiting outside and seen walking to their cars. This group was the elderly, and they are some of the same people echoing the words that Trump spoke months ago.

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Many of these people have sworn off news sites other than FOX, and they aren’t shy about it. A worker for the state informed me that many of his clients are Trump supporters and they simply do not believe anything negative about him. So, when sites like FOX news prevents these groups from learning the truth, they place them in imminent danger.

After the president came out and pressed the fact that coronavirus was a real threat; FOX started to change their direction. However, some of us feel like the push was a little too late. By the time they changed direction, the elderly had already endangered themselves. Packing into the Cracker Barrel like sardines was the total opposite of what they were instructed to do on Sunday morning, but it happened never the less.

So, how does President Trump convince this group into trusting that his message is now real and not something pushed by the Democrats? Is it too late to turn that ship around and just how much damage has FOX News done to their reputation? Prior to their coverage of the coronavirus I listened to them on my XM radio. After they continuously downplayed the virus, I replaced them with another news organization.

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I always thought news outlets would help to save us in our time of need, I never dreamed they would push some of us into dangerous situations because of their undying loyally to one person. Perhaps, the question of trust should be directed towards the people who are covering the stories pushed by certain figures. I started blogging because I wanted to alert my community and help to educate my community on things they needed to know. News organizations should do that 100 times more.

The Quarantine Plan For Parents And Children

If your children are anything like mine, I bet they are going stir crazy about right now. So, we have come up with some fun things to help keep everyone in motion.

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Working out is the new goal for my house. We found a few yoga videos on YouTube and the kids approve! Not only will it give us a nice way to start the day, but it will help fill in some of the holes from not being in school.

We will also challenge ourselves to study a new language. My youngest is learning Spanish at school, but she likes the Korean language. My middle child studied French, so it is a toss up!

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We could make it a challenge.

We wouldn’t be complete without our redecorating. This is a must! Ever so often, rooms have to get redecorated!

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They would love this idea.

Online learning is also on the menu in my household.

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Khan Academy is a great site to try.

What’s on your list of things this season?

Idris Elba Is Positive For Coronavirus. Please Pay Attention.

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Today Idris Elba confirmed that he has the coronavirus. This is yet another shock and a declaration of how this virus moves. I don’t think the message can get any louder. We have to be very careful of our actions. At this point Mr. Elba is the third celebrity to come down with the virus. Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson both have the virus in Australia. This is a video from Idrise Elba.

It isn’t a joke, hoax or something blown out of proportion. It is very real and scary. I think the scariest part of this whole ordeal is the amount of people not taking it seriously. Check your area daily to see if there are new cases, and make sure you are keeping up with the latest information. I know there are some of us who might not trust the government, but now is the time to listen. If people are telling you to avoid crowds, then you want to avoid crowds.

Sometimes we get cocky and we think that we can manage anything, but this is something totally new. You do not know how your immune system will hold up to this virus. Please wash your hands, and if you go to the store, wait until you get home before you open up bags of food. I know some of you might be used to pulling out a candy bar and eating it on your drive home, but that really isn’t smart right now.

There are now store workers coming down with the coronavirus, so make sure you are using hand sanitizer after you get in the car. Keep your hands away from your face, and after you get home from work, take a bath. These are just common things we should be doing everyday. I will be updating on any needed information. Stay safe.

We Have A Long Way To Go, So Don’t Be The Coronavirus Carrier, Please.

This afternoon my husband informed me that his office really isn’t taking the coronavirus serious. Apparently, there is a lady in his office that not only went to a outbreak location in Texas, but she also let her child attend a concert after the CDC suggested to stay away from crowds. Her justification is that she knows her body can handle the virus if she gets it.

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Well, my daughter’s immune system cannot handle it and if my husband gets it, there’s a good chance he will bring it home. This is the problem, we have people running around acting like this virus is nothing more than the common cold. We can place all kinds of restrictions on large gatherings, but if people are still willing to attend them, it’s all for nothing.

It is just another reminder of no matter what you do, you cannot prevent dealing with people who take stupid chances. You can plan, hide, and even drench yourself in cleanliness. At the end of the day it only takes one person who thinks they are invincible to spread this virus. I do not see how we will be able to prevent a large scale outbreak as long as people are disregarding the advice of the CDC.

So, as of now we are using our hand sanitizer, spraying with disinfectant spray, and constantly washing hands. We have stopped our children from going to the malls, and sleeping over their friend’s houses. I am not taking anyone to any job interviews in the near future until we get a green light to start moving without the threat of the virus. How are you dealing with this outbreak?

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