Helping Kids To See Their Worth

Tonight, my daughter got yet another wayward reply from a guy she met at a game. She is having issues when it comes to finding a person who likes her for who she is and not what she looks like. She walked in with tears in her eyes and read the text questioning her virginity by the unknown guy. Then she said she was never going to find her good guy and she would forever be single. Now, on any other day, I would be happy to hear, the always be single words come out of her mouth. Yet, the admission of those words seemed to bring up something deeper in her. I saw her sadness and reassured her that her Mr. Right was waiting for her. I reminded her that keeping to her standards and living her life with meaning was more important than any potential boyfriend. In truth, she is too special, too kind, too awesomely crafted, too smart, and too rare to lower herself for a run-a-way guy. So, if your daughters or sons are having the same issue tonight, let them know the same. They are here because they are special, they are here because their lives have meaning, and that will never change.

I’m her biggest supporter for life!


Colin Kaepernick Right Or Wrong, It’s American.

We all have different views on Kaepernick and his kneeling to the flag. Some of us find it disrespectful and others of us find it remarkably, American. I’m proud to live in a country that gives us the right to express ourselves. There’s no right or wrong way when it comes to having views. We should respect the views of others instead of knocking people down because they feel different about subjects that might be near to dear to us. Why should we argue about such silly things? His bending is no different than people striking to make bad situations better. If you believe in the power of the unions and the power of the underdogs making their way to the top, you should believe in Kaepernick. This is what we do, and this is who we are. Agree to disagree! Our nation still stands under one flag no matter the situation. The bending does not take away one star, one stripe, or one solider that sacrificed it all. It only shows how our nation rocks. Stop the oppression.

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About That Wall!


I think it's fixed now!


There are moments when the democrats appear to be from a distant planet called, FICTION. As an Independent, my ideals run very middle of the road. In my mind, abortion isn’t right, but I wouldn’t take the choice away from women because I am not their God. I support conserving nature because we are living on a dying planet, thanks to our decisions. I don’t believe that being homosexual is related to a gene, I feel like it is related to someone acting on their feelings. I don’t believe that all illegals are bad people, but I support the building of a wall because walls protect.

Gate or Wall

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President Obama had at some point and has a wall right now, at least I’m willing to bet on it. He used that wall to keep out threats that could have harmed his family. Drive down any rich neighborhood and you will find walls. I bet some of these democrats that are talking about not wanting to build walls, live behind walls. You see, protection seems to work only for the rich in America. When someone wants to make sure we all stand protected, we see wide criticism.

Wall Or Gate

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Walls protect us from drugs, gang violence and yes even disease. Did you know that there are some countries that revoke people from leaving because of diseases? Don’t let politics cloud your judgement when it comes to your safety. If you live behind one of these, you can’t tell me you feel safe.

When You Don’t Like Your Child’s Boyfriend.

We arrived home from taking my daughter to the airport earlier. She’s going to visit her boyfriend in another state and I’m freaking out a bit. Okay, I freaked out a lot. I drank two beers last night and refused to talk to her on the way to the airport. Now, I find myself wishing I could go back in time and at least hug her before she got out of the car. How do you deal with not liking a child’s boyfriend when that child happens to be an adult? I recall what it was like being 20 and I also recall what it was like not having your parents like your mate. My parents hated my husband, so we eloped. What if she elopes and why did my parents curse me with saying my kids were going to be just like me? Perhaps telling your children about your past isn’t such a good idea.

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American Rap Apocalopsis!! EMINEM’s Back!!

Yes. I am telling you we are about to have a clash of the greats. In this corner we have Eminem! He’s one of the greatest solo rap artist and has inspired many young men. I will not put a white label or black label because he’s good! Race has very little to do with his talent and that’s why he’s still making music. In the other corner, we have bad boy Machine Gun Kelly. He’s fresh, easy on the eyes, and he has a lot of raw talent. Standing in the middle of the run though, is none other than G-Eazy. G-Eazy is like the go to guy for rap today. He’s like the DMX of many years ago. He’s on multiple records, talented, had his heart broken by I”M BAD AT LOVE!!!!Girl!! I can’t hate, I love Halsey and wishes she would get with SUGA from BTS on the DL.

Just saying, I’m a romantic.

Feuds are a good thing in music because it helps to keep people on their toes. So as long as these guys keep their clothes on and keep the fight fair, we should be in for some good music. Kamikaze is already turning out to be one of my new American favorites. My top four songs are below. Yes, I like KPOP HIP HOP!!


My songs, my taste!

This is why they call Machine Gun Kelly, Machine Gun Kelly. SHM Damn.

Bobby Member of IKON-KPOP Sounds like Eminem! I love it.



What Can We Learn From Geoffrey Owens?

In a world that’s often money driven, it’s nice to see people step out of the norm. Mr. Owens the actor from the Cosby Show seemed to be happy and he was managing to live his life on his own terms. I remember when I was an investigator standing in the lines at Walmart’s. I would often wonder if the cashier was happy and then I would feel the jealousy creep in. Most of the time I was too stressed to know happy. I knew tired, sad, fear, and angry. Today my bank account is almost 60k less, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. I go back to the little girl on her deathbed. She didn’t see how her parents were hovering around her little body or how they were sleeping on the floor. She didn’t see the wish for one more moment in their face, but I did.

Thinking about that little girl and my own children has made me appreciate them so much more. The thoughts no longer bring up sobbing on my pillow when I’m alone. They only make me love on my kids a little harder, be little more thankful and understand the true meaning of life. Life isn’t about money, and I applaud those who can understand that before it’s too late.

So, to all the Mr. Owens of the world, this one is for you. Live your life by your own code, and never let your path become blurry by someone else’s vision. Grow at your on pace and enjoy the life you have been blessed with.

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