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Black Swan

So the group known as Black Swan will once again try to move forward with a female of color. This will not be the first time that this particular group has tried to implement a female of color into their ranks. They tried once before when they were called Rania.

The girl in question is called Fatou. She is from Senegal which is in Africa and speaks an assortment of languages. Some fans fear that she will be the vicitim of bullying like the female of color before her. Alexandra Reid was a black female from America that spent time with the group when they were known as Rania. She was the first black female in KPOP. Korea has had a history with wavering attitudes with people from different backgrounds.

It could be because they are so rich in culture that it is hard to embrace the new melting pot that comes with the KPOP world. I remember having a friend who was horrified to return to Korea because her son was mixed with Mexican American. She flat out said he would be treated badly due to his father being a GI.

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Korea is now in the mainstream with its music, and outsiders are trying to visit South Korea more than ever before. Music is one of the ways we can connect. So, perhaps as groups like BTS and Blackpink pave the way for social understanding, South Korea might become more welcomed to the idea of differences. We will certainly keep our eyes on Black Swan and see if their newest member can avoid some of the negative attention that fell on Ms. Reid.

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