Will Robinhood Be Able To Deal With The Mass Number Of Investors Coming From Shiba Inu?

Now that I’ve successfully finished making and devouring my favorite breakfast coffee, eggs over easy, toast, and a small scoop of blueberry honey on the side, let me turn down my Megan Fox movie, and let’s talk Robinhood. Don’t worry; I can still hear it in the background.

I know, a lot of people are overly anxious to hear about Shib’s listing on Robinhood. However, Robinhood is taking its time and trying hard not to give away clues. Yesterday Robinhood’s CEO Vladimir Tenev tried his best to outrun the question when he was interviewed about offering SHIB! He didn’t say no about the listing and even managed to blurt out some odd rambling about not being the first to list due to safety reasons. We know, Coinbase has a rigorous system when it comes to vetting coins. So, Shib is safe.

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If you recall, Dogecoin had to fight for their Coinbase listing. They had people like Mark Cuban and Elon Musk helping to lead the charge. In the end, Dogecoin was listed, but it took some convincing. Another catalyst could have been the timing around Dogecoin’s listing. The Coinbase stock was going down, and the Dogecoin listing, in my opinion, came to the rescue.

Robinhood isn’t in the same situation Coinbase was in when it listed Doge. Therefore, they can take a little time to figure out how to handle the Shiba Inu listing without having platform issues. When Dogecoin was running at its strongest, Robinhood was messing up left and right. Right now, we are talking about a coin that has a massive following! People are checking hour after hour for this Robinhood listing. Coinbase had hiccups their first week in listing Shib.

Any large platform would be a little nervous about this listing if they had issues in the past. Robinhood managed to grow its crypto team and hired people who were capable of dealing with cryptocurrency, but can they keep up with the volume? Wallets are going to be very important. Perhaps we will not see the listing until the wallets are live. I think we are currently 1,313,313 on the list for wallets. One reason the wallets will be important is due to people having coins on other platforms.

I think we need to chill out and let Robinhood figure out how to make the Shib launch successful. I will always feel like part of the issues that prevented Dogecoin from growing were the errors from platforms not knowing how to deal with the volume. I do not want to see that happen to Shib. It is imperative that the Shib listing goes off without Dogecoin flaws. We want a strong Shiba Inu! Now, back to the movie! I think I have like ten more minutes.

I am not a financial advisor.

Could Shiba Bring In A New Class Of Millionaires

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It’s getting harder and harder to ignore the small voices inside the heads of those SHIB holders who currently find themselves with millions of SHIB tokens. I know this because I am one!!!! The one driving factor for many of these investors is knowledge. You can bet almost every SHIB investor knows about Dogecoin. They are knowledgeable about the potential for tokens to create a pathway to money because of watching Dogecoin.

Many of us started with Dogecoin by way of Robinhood. Robinhood took crypto and made it something the Average Joe could experience without being a baby Bill Gates. While tokens are still tricky, and tokens with circulations like SHIB often seem unrealistic, it doesn’t seem to stop investors from jumping in. Dogecoin wasn’t supposed to reach anywhere near its current price level, according to articles published before it hit $0.25. Doge was often analyzed away from hitting even a lowly dime!

As Dogecoin gained fame and investors, it soon hit an ATH around 71 or 72 cents. I learned two things from being a Dogecoin investor and getting my feet wet in crypto. My first thing was that I needed to read numerous articles and research how other coins moved. The second was that I had to be willing to take chances with money, I could afford to lose, only. Instead of buying burgers, fries, coffee, and other snacks, I started putting money into crypto. I stopped buying expensive purses and carried my wallet around for the majority of the time.

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Now, I am slowly building my SHIB bag to house all the tokens I want to accumulate. I have heard people say things about the Doge Vs. Shib conflict, and if that’s a turn-off to you, so be it. Yet, this is my mindset, to make money, you cannot let your emotions guide you. I am investing in something because I want to achieve some sort of outcome for myself. My goals have little to nothing to do with the wars between innovation. I want to support something because I can see a use for it. If Shib and another coin walked up to the dinner table and we sat down for a conversation, I could see myself entertained by my Shib guest for a while. The token powers a swap, art incubator and rescue for dogs. I am supper interested in how swaps move and the future of NFTs.

Shib is also burning tokens every single day. I don’t know how long it will take SHIB to get to a dime or quarter, but I can tell you they are working on making something happen. Shib has everyone from potential Congressmen, actors, rappers, to countries rallying for a win! I feel really grateful to be part of the community because I have been able to watch it grow. I remember when ten bucks could get you millions and now 30 bucks buys you a million, and that change took place over 30 days or so. So, good luck and hang on.

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If you are new to the crypto world check out platforms like Coinbase because they have a great educational platform set up about cryptocurrency. Robinhood also has educational information and they have a phone # which allows you to talk to someone who can educate you on financial matters. I am not a financial advisor.

Shiba Inu Is More Than A Token.

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Shiba Inu is still kicking butt in the crypto field this morning. I’ve read a lot of questions regarding the reasons behind Shib’s sudden rise. I think people have to understand that Shib is more than just a coin. It is a token that powers a swap. You have to take note of the tokens that carry swaps like PancakeSwap, Sushiswap, or now MakiSwap. If all of this doesn’t make you giddy with happiness, Shib will be listed on WhiteBit tomorrow which will add another set of investors.

In my opinion, and I am not a financial advisor, but I like to look at the swaps. MakiSwap is a new swap that is now around $0.20. These swaps, including Shibaswap, tend to grow within a year or so. Take a look at your coins that power Uniswap, and the ones listed above, and you will see that there is a real chance for earning potential. They do not go to the height of Bitcoin or near that amount per coin, but they do raise more than a dollar per coin, generally speaking.


I honestly think we are witnessing the growth of Shib as a token, which powers a swap. They have the new NFT section, which will be part of their platform, which will generate more income. Not only will the NFT generate income, but it will also trigger automatic burns. Keep in mind burning is something that a lot of us have been requesting.


As I stated months ago, for Shib to take off, it would have to be on major platforms, and burns would need to be part of any process. The beauty of Shib is that it is still so inexpensive. At this point, you can get 1.3 million for around 30 bucks. Keep in mind this time last month investors could get double or triple that. So, the price is going up! Yet, most of us spend 30 bucks at McDonald’s on a good day.

As always, these are my opinions, and I am not a financial advisor. I’m just a mama on a mission, and I happen to love crypto.

Can Shiba Inu Keep Up The Good Fight?

Yesterday was a great day for Shib investors. It’s sort of funny because this weekend I was talking to my daughter about her Shib bag. She had maybe a total of 20 million, and after we talked, she increased it to over 50 million Shiba tokens. It turned out her weekend investment came at the right time.

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Crypto is a very funny little beast. If you are starting and you do not understand it, I would talk to a financial advisor. Due to my mistakes with Dogecoin and listening to perhaps the wrong people, I did things a little differently this go around. Timing is the key!! It also pays to be watchful. So, let’s get down to the rumors about Robinhood. Rumors on Twitter have been swarming about a potential listing by Robinhood.

If it happens, I would be surprised to see it take place this week. I’m not going to lie; it was one of the reasons I went on and purchased more coins. If they do trade Shib, the coin will go up again. I wanted to be a whale, but if Shib keeps going at the rate it’s going at, it will knock that dream out of the water for me. I guess that’s a good thing, but I wanted whale status.

I think my main fear is of the SEC doing something shady. Now that we know they tend to act questionable, it does sort of place a cloud over the potential of crypto trading. I think we need a new department geared towards the stewardship of crypto. I feel like the SEC is too dated with laws reaching back to over 100 years ago that might not be valid in a techno-driven world.

I think crypto brings a certain level of privacy that scares the hell out of governments. It brings a way to create new millionaires and billionaires. We are looking at the beginning of a new financial system. I read an article yesterday which talked about how Bank of America is starting to research crypto. This is huge, and it will not be the last bank to take this project on.

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There’s money to be made in the crypto market, and the powers to be are seeing that it isn’t just from Bitcoin. There are a lot of coins that people can get behind, and some of those coins will result in millions. There’s also a chance people could lose a lot of money. I have one daughter who refuses to touch investing on any level. I was willing to give her 50 bucks to put in a small coin, and she declined the offer. You will have a lot of people who are skeptical of change.

I missed out on Bitcoin because nobody knew anything about crypto. I asked around for years and even researched it, but I had no clue about exchanges or any of that stuff. I credit Robinhood for turning the light on about cryptocurrency. Had it not been for Robinhood, many of us wouldn’t know about Dogecoin or anything else. Before learning about cryptocurrency, I would waste money on rings, Starbucks, and lotto tickets. Sometimes, I would buy the occasional expensive purse here and there.

I managed to take that money that I would put on stupid stuff and get returns that have helped my family out. Last summer, we needed a new AC, and guess what??? My crypto was able to help out. So, I am finding new uses for the money I would normally throw away. That’s why I crypto!

I am not A financial advisor, so before you invest anything, talk to someone who might be able to school you on the ups and downs.