Blog Story: Immigration Taunt

Three years had went by since the great battle of immigration. It ended with two governments deciding to go their separate ways after years of working together. At first, we cheered because it looked as if the victory was truly ours until 3/23/2022 at a little past 2 PM.

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I was pulling into the driveway as I normally would, finishing off my favorite song on the radio. After the car was parked, I waited two extra minutes just to embrace the fact, that those minutes would be my last two minutes of peace for the last three days.

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“What’s taking you so long? You’ve been waiting in the car for nearly fifteen minutes.” Jonathan opened the door with a worried look on his face. “You need to see this.”

“Give me a second, I need to get my files from the back.” I stepped out of the car and proceeded to open the door directly behind me.

“Forget about that and come inside. You’re not going to be working on anything this weekend or the next,” Jonathan muttered as he shut the door and motioned in the direction of the house.

“Oh my gosh, it can’t be that horrible. We’ve been through an earthquake, tornado, and a tropical storm. You’re being dramatic right now, this is where Alison gets it from.”

Jonathan didn’t say a word, he just opened the door and pointed. The children were all lined on the sofa gazing at the TV in their night clothes. Normally, I would be met with thousands of questions second I hit the door, but nobody other than Jonathan noticed me standing in the doorway.

Jonathan rushed past the children into the kitchen. “Is your phone off?”

“Yeah, it died. I think one of the girls took my charger by accident, the one I found in my briefcase was an old android charger. What’s going on?”

“You know that volcano, the one you’re always researching?”

“Yeah, you mean Yellowstone?”

Jonathan nodded his head. “That’s the one. It’s about to blow and our government is trying to see if Mexico will allow us to head down south due to the devastation that it’s going to cause.”

“Wow, how far is Mexico and do we need anything to cross the border?”

“That’s the thing, the Mexican government is saying that they won’t open the border because of the immigration issue.”

“What immigration issue, they settled that a couple of years ago.”