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Top Crypto Movements Of The Week!


So, if Blackrock and Coinbase came together to have a baby, could we call it Bitcoin? That’s right! We are officially seeing a giant leader in financials embrace crypto. See link below! https://www.cnbc.com/2022/08/04/coinbase-shares-jump-after-partnering-with-blackrock-to-give-clients-access-to-crypto-.html

I warned you guys for a while now that mainstream will be the top indicator of crypto acceptance. There are a few tokens right now that have me going bonkers! As in, I am trying to do extra to buy extra tokens like VeChain! A girl needs to have all her ducks in place! Smile!

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My top tokens at the moment are VET, UFOgaming, XRP, and of course, I still have my Mcontent, Kishimoto, and Shiryo. Many people have shied away from crypto because of the bear market, but top companies like Blackrock and a few others are going full speed ahead. Honestly, I do not see crypto going away. I see upcoming regulations which will make it harder for some to buy into certain projects.

As for those investors like myself, we live to fight another day. However, seeing Blackrock and Coinbase come together for Bitcoin makes us smile a little more confident. We cannot control many things in life, but we can control what we believe in, and that’s the key to making life manageable. Tokens like XRP, Mcontent, and a few more will change the world as we know it.

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As for the updated news on the XRP frontlines, we are still waiting for the SEC to cough up those emails. Ripple is not playing with the SEC primarily because they know the outcome of this case will either grant more power to the SEC or put crypto in the hands of another enity altogether. It is perhaps the most important case for cryptocurrency and the definition of security in the crypto world. The funny thing is that XRP has continued to take root and gain momentum worldwide. America is the only country that claimed XRP was a security. This is both interesting and very troubling for the road ahead.

So as always, I am not a financial advisor! Have a great weekend, and drink coco for me!!

The SEC’s Assault On Cryptocurrency With Ripple Setting The Pace


Crypto regulation is shown on a business photo using the text

Hopefully, you are paying close attention to the crypto market this month. The lawsuit between the SEC and Ripple is starting to get a little crazy. If you are anything like me, you should be in awe of how the SEC is still managing to defy court orders. With all the affidavits flying around this case, you would think we would be near a ruling. However, we are still in limbo.

The problem is that we do not have enough people talking about what happened with the Hinman situation. Sure, we have some Republican Congressmen starting to raise concern over the Hinman emails, but we should have both sides of the house deeply invested in this case. You cannot have this sort of situation take place with members who seek to govern the very market they are attacking for personal gain.

We have a lot of XRP investors being represented by John Deaton, which is a great thing. To have a government agency interfere with the outcome of a financial market is somewhat alarming. This is why we need regulations. Regulations are not always a bad thing, they help keep people in line, they also help prevent Ponzi projects, and they protect investors.

Crypto isn’t going away! You have companies like Blackrock, JP Morgan, and Wells Fargo getting into relationships with crypto! These companies are found in 401ks across the nation and hold some of the most lucrative portfolios. So, get ready for the new normal.

As always, this is not financial advice! Talk to your advisors about any stocks or crypto-currency that you want to invest in. Have a great week.

Watching Ripple Vs SEC Is Reminiscent Of New Money & Old Money Sagas


3D illustration of key with ripple text isolated on white background

If you are anything like me, you are more than ready for the SEC vs Ripple lawsuit to end. Last week, the security issue again reared its ugly head during a conversation about crypto on the hill. At this point, one has to wonder why people like SEC keep trying to push the security label onto XRP and other tokens!

Could it be the fact that most securities are often found in companies like brokerages and banks? What would the people behind the big banks and brokerage companies stand to gain if something like XRP floated over into their domain? Who are the people that normally gain from this sort of financial movement? Rich people!!!

Before we move on, I must say, I do not think XRP is a security. The SEC doesn’t have any solid laws on the books regarding crypto. It is going to be extremely hard to punish a company for a new tech that doesn’t have any guidance. This is why the SEC shouldn’t be overseeing anything regarding crypto. It still isn’t clear if the SEC didn’t perform some sort of inside trading regarding ETH with their questionable dealings with the Hinman emails.

One of the continued losers of this case is the SEC because of the arguments they keep bringing to the table! They are working really hard to hide the contents of the emails. They have corruption within their ranks, which has led to investors being hurt and XRP being crippled. One could say, the SEC has played King Slayer in the crypto world. As the case against Ripple continues into yet another year, Judge Netburn seems to be tiring with the conduct presented by the SEC. Perhaps one of the biggest revelations is the revelation of emails, which showcase behavior that could be seen as problematic.

The Hinman emails are the reason regulation needs to be in place. At this point, we know Hinman had connections to ETH. We know that he was warned about his relationship with a firm that had dealings with ETH. Top agencies should not be watchdogs on rivals in any financial market due to the potential for abuse of power.

Abuse of power cheapens innovation and promotes unfairness in the market. Perhaps, the question is, what does it take for the SEC to get hit with an ethics violation? Look at this clip and make your own mind up.

As always, I am not a financial advisor! DO YOUR RESEARCH!

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Converting Vacant Rooms Into Gyms!


So, if you follow my blog, you know I’m always looking for ways to improve myself. When I am not investing, researching, or spending time with my family, I’m trying to figure out how to be pain-free. Last year I purchased a treadmill and stored it in my bedroom. I soon figured out that it was taking up too much space. It was hard to maneuver, which complicated the process of working out.

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I knew I wanted to work out, but I didn’t want to injure myself by moving the treadmill from place to place. So, I told my husband that I wanted to move the treadmill downstairs and create a home gym. We purchased a TV, center stand, and exercise bike to accompany the treadmill. My family, like many other families, added extra pounds during COVID.

A lot of people are looking at expensive treadmills and bikes right now. Some of the bikes and treadmills on the market today could set you back thousands. I decided to keep it simple! I purchased my bike, a Weslo Pursuit R 4.1 Recumbent bike, from Walmarts. It was under $200 bucks! My treadmill is a ProForm Cadence LT Treadmill from Acadamy, and it was under $450. We went simple with the TV and the stand! The stand was less than $100 bucks, and the TV was around $200!

For the price people pay for one piece of equipment, I was able to convert my own home gym. If you are looking to buy your own equipment, there are a few things you need to consider. You need to check out the weight limit! Some treadmills and bikes aren’t safe for people over a certain weight limit. You also need to know if your equipment will be hard on prior injuries. There are some bikes that aren’t good for people with back injuries, or knee injuries.

My recumbent bike has been great on my knees! I’m able to bang out miles without pain. However, that isn’t the same outcome for some people. Make sure you talk to a doctor before you decide to undergo any new exercise routine. I just wanted to give you an update before I hit the shower. Don’t give up on your weight goals, and remember life is what you make it.

Photo by Quang Nguyen Vinh on Pexels.com

As always, I am just a person behind the computer! Have fun.