Will Ripple See A Judgment This Month?

That seems to be the leading question regarding the future movement of XRP. As always, I would love to tell you the answer will be yes, but in this case, you never know. The Hinman emails are gearing up to be a major player in this case. If you recall months ago, the SEC basically threatened an ongoing court battle to silence the emails from the public. This morning the news on the street is that there is a big chance we will see a trial.

Photo by Mikhail Nilov on Pexels.com

The SEC is trying to forge their own custodians of crypto. They might hide behind the general message of regulation, but in my opinion, they are going to try to move crypto into institutions they have more jurisdiction over. While regulation is a vital part of any market, it needs to be done in a none bias way. The SEC has shown that they are not beyond playing favorites when it comes to the crypto market. We have rumored links between some of the SEC heads and FTX, and of course, the former heads protecting ETH.

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto on Pexels.com

Imagine if another business had conducted itself like the SEC! We are talking about a business that set out to rip off a competitor that resulted in billions being taken from investors! I think this happened to XRP to some degree. You can spin in any way you want, but XRP was purposely grounded to help the competition take a commanding shot. Do not be surprised to see this case linger on because the SEC has shown that it will stop at nothing when it comes to protecting its own interest. Meanwhile, Ripple continues to merge partnerships via XRP worldwide, and we wait. Good thing I’m a mother of three because it has made me good at the waiting game!

As always, I am watchful!

This is not financial advice, just the latest gossip from the halls of Twitter.


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