Can Twitter Save Free Speech Without Putting People In Harm’s Way?

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When we think about freedom of speech, we often think about people saying things that bring about emotional responses. We rarely think about the problems with dangerous speech and how they can directly put lives in harm’s way.

Freedom of speech is a basic right! We have the right to say what we feel, but that right doesn’t shield us from problems that might come from words spoken. If we are putting people in danger, perhaps free speech isn’t so free. Someone is paying for the harsh words. I’ll be the first to tell you that I like Twitter. I like it because it keeps me up to date with my crypto news. However, I fear for the future of Twitter. If Twitter becomes a Parlor or some other hate-filled platform, people will leave.

I think Twitter will find that if it is to stay successful, it must create a safe place for all participants. If it fails to maintain a safe place for all people, it will decline. People want to engage with each other! Yet, most people do not want to see places being bombed, cars being driven off the road, or lives being lost due to hate speech. You can never guess the state of mind of individuals when you are talking about what you would or wouldn’t do to another person. People should never moderate based on political status, but moderation must be taken seriously when it comes to safety.

So, let’s hope Twitter finds a good way to be the voice of moderate America without giving hate a new breeding ground. Elon can make Twitter a great place for all, but it has to come with common sense moderation.

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