Waiting For Ripple!

Photo by Andre Furtado on Pexels.com

If you have been following the Ripple case, I’m sure you have heard the rumors about the case ending today between the SEC and Ripple. While investors like myself would love this rumor to be true, there’s a big possibility that it is just speculation.

In the crypto world, speculation can produce dips in pricing due to promises not being met. Keep in mind Ripple hasn’t stated anything about the case ending today. Remember, we are still in the early days of crypto, and things have to get ironed out. We have been waiting years for this lawsuit to end, but you can’t rush the courts.

We know one thing at this point! We know this case will usher in a foundation for how the SEC will manage crypto in the future. It will set a standard defining what a security is or what it isn’t in the world of blockchain technology.

In a perfect world, the SEC would be held responsible for having someone high in their ranks suggest any outcome of a rival currency that ended in financial disruption. There are many questions regarding the behavior of the SEC in this case, as well as FTX. Yet, at the end of the day, the timing is not up to us.

So, don’t get your hopes up today about this case ending. If it ends, we will be over the moon, but it isn’t over until it is over. Good luck!

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