Netflix’s Meghan & Harry and The Renaissance Way of Thinking!

I just finished looking at the first three episodes of Harry& Meghan, and I’m glad they told their story in their own words. History has a way of vilifying strong women when it comes to the portrayal of women in the royal family. Whether it is a woman like Catherine the Great, Elizabeth I, Catherine de Medici, Sarah, Duchess of York, or Diana, Princess of Wales, they are often made to look problematic to some degree.

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The UK and their dislike for Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, isn’t as uncommon as we might think. Historically speaking, princesses from other religions, nationalities, and families have been treated similarly for generations. I think the shock comes from knowing that we are still, in many ways living with people who use the same outdated logic as those living in the Renaissance!

We wanted to see the Fairy Tale ending for Harry & Meghan in the UK, with Meghan helping to lift the royal family into the modern era! After all, we are living in the 21st Century! Yet, the time has proven to be as unyielding as the wind. Years might change, but people seem to always revert to near-primitive thoughts. The difference today is that their primitive way of thinking can spread faster than hundreds of years ago and across oceans.

Watching Meghan talk about her history with racism and the way the press treated them in the UK makes me happy to call myself an American. I know we have our history with race, but we own it! I can relate to her story about seeing her mother called the N-word and the shock that came with it. My daughters are half black, and I guess, to some degree, I neglected to tell my children how some outsiders might see them. Yet, the ugly often bleeds through. My daughter went to a party with her boyfriend and his friends about six months ago. While she was at that party, one of the children talked about how he could never taint his blood with black people.

When she returned home and told me about the conversation, all I could say was sorry. I never wanted her to feel the way I felt growing up. This is probably why Meghan’s mom never brought up her history with the N-word. On one level, her mom was right about the hate towards Meghan being race related. However, hate was something that nearly all princesses from different countries endured before the invention of the internet or social media.

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I think what made this overwhelming was the fact that there was nowhere Meghan and Harry could go to get away from the press. You have those people who point out that she knew what he was when she started dating him, but she didn’t know who the people were! It was the spite of the people that bled into their homes. Nobody should have to live with the amount of hate that she and Harry dealt with daily.

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