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Photo by Erik Mclean on Pexels.com

So, I’m too cheap to buy Microsoft right now, so I’m storing some of my writing here until I can figure out how to create a new villain or something. My husband doesn’t think I can do it, but how hard can it be?

Hundreds of years ago, a mysterious woman gave a dressmaker the power to enhance clothing for the Crown’s attention. After working with the needle from sun up to sun down, the tailor found his health was slowly starting to dwindle. One day the tailor summoned the mysterious woman and begged for a break in the rules. To his disappointment, the woman never showed up.

Decade after decade would pass by, and still, he would receive no answer. Finally, some three hundred years down the line, the tailor grew angry and full of hate. He decided it was time to do more than just create pretty clothing for the rich.

As his emotion started to change, his mending took on a new life. His dislike for making clothes soon turned into hate-infused stitches.

Present Day

The mender walked around the dress and smiled once again as he pressed his face against the material. This is the best work I’ve ever done. Every thread sings loudly with radiance passing from stitch to stitch. The red slowly mixing with orange, blending with a hint of yellow, creates the perfect ambiance. It would be a marvel had it not been made for the queen.

Years ago, I would have been thrilled to make such finery for a member of the nobility. My passion was to please and be known as the best tailor in the Narzien Kingdom. It was the Narzien Kingdom, the Braumnin Kingdom, and any land west of the river which excited every inch of me. The pull of the needle excited me just as it enchanted the prosperity of the wearer. He continued.

This stitch gives good health, this one infuses the wearer with grace, this one gives power, and we cannot forget this one, the one that provides offspring for generations to come! The Mender thought as he slid his long fragile fingers over the dress.

“Sorry to intrude, but Queen Lecia has sent her apologies, for she will not be here today. She has requested that you stay until tomorrow at the latest,” the messenger whispered as he held up a piece of paper. “I have the message here.”

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