Fidelity Crypto Offers Investors A Chance To Sign Up For Their New Crypto Platform.

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Fidelity will offer educational information about crypto with their new trading service. Investors will also have access to a virtual assistant who can answer questions about investing. Fidelity’s move is a great thing for crypto because Fidelity is a big-time brokerage service with a strong history in stocks and bonds.

So far, it appears that Fidelity will list Bitcoin and ETH. More than likely, we will see them add a few more crypto tokens to their ranks, but don’t be surprised if you do not see meme coins. Right now, they are allowing people to sign up for access to engage in crypto trading when it becomes available!

Fidelity is one of a few big brokerages entering the crypto market. These larger brokerages will give their clients a safer platform for crypto trading and access to someone who should be able to answer questions about trading. Since these brokerages cover 401 K plans and other financial accts for millions, managing crypto should be easy as cake. We hope!!

I cannot wait to see how their entry into the market changes things! Some of the smaller crypto platforms might feel a little of a sting after all of the larger firms are up and running. However, after all, is said and done, this move should be a great comfort to those who fear crypto. The large brokerages will be able to ease investor fears over crypto being real or just the newest craze. There are still a lot of people who dislike the idea of crypto. It doesn’t help when you have members of Congress or the SEC spreading misinformation about the market.

Fidelity’s crypto trading platform information was released by Watcher.GURU around noon on 11/3/2022! Watcher Guru specializes in crypto information and other financial trading news. It is a helpful site to learn about news that could impact how we trade today and tomorrow.

As always, I do not give financial information, I just spread the skinny. The XRP lover in me wonders if the exchange will be ready after the ruling in the SEC vs. Ripple case. A girl can hope!!!!

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