Could We See An End To The SEC vs. Ripple Case On The Horizon Since The Hinman Emails Have Been Uncovered?

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Move over House of The Dragon; there’s a new saga in play! That’s right, people! Those emails we have talked about for months have finally made their way to the land of the seen! Don’t be surprised if we do not get to see them!

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If I have said it once, I have said it 888 times! If those emails can hinder or cause massive chaos in the crypto market, they do not need to be made public. If we see a settlement soon, the emails are troubling, if we do not see anything of the sort, the emails were no more than a massive speed bump aimed at drawing the case out!

If Ripple wins the case, we will have clarity in the crypto market. Many people have been playing with numbers and saying that XRP will hit this or that price if Ripple wins the case. I do not play the numbers game because it can get very psychological for some investors.

After the LUNA crash happened over the summer, people committed suicide due to their losses and dreams going down in smoke. In many ways, the LUNA crash changed the crypto market! Investors gave up, while some doubled down, but most of all, I think we learned to take things slow. While all these things were taking place, it became clear that price prediction was out of the question for crypto. As we watched LUNA crash in real time, it taught people about the power of token circulation. The crash showcased how token circulation plays a vital role in the price of a token.

I have no clue what XRP will rise to in the future, but I can tell you there is a real need for what XRP does! As always, have fun out there, but be careful! I am not a financial advisor! I am just the town crier or something like that! LOL Have a great weekend.

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