Keeping An Eye On Shiryo Inu This Week!

If you are a gamer, and love games like Hearthstone, you will love Shiryo Inu! Shiryo Inu is a modern-day version of the games like Magic The Gathering and YU-GI-OH! It is projected to be perhaps one of the best NFT trading card games that will allows players to step into the play to earn arena! The whole play-to-earn feature is going to be huge in the gaming world. If you are a gamer, think back to WoW. Do you recall all of those spams we used to get in the general chat about buying gold? Some people would actually spend money to get gold, and even sell their accounts.

Well, let me first start by saying, I never bought gold. However, I might have shown a little cleavage to get enough gold to buy a mount once upon a time, anyway! Getting coins in games is a big deal for players. It allows people to buy new skins, new poses, and that’s just a start. If you play card games, you can buy epic cards which help in battles. Believe it or not, the gaming industry makes a lot of money on in game purchases! My household spends a lot of money on games each year! We are a gaming household with three different gaming computers. I play mainly two games at a time, while everyone else plays multiple! My daughter loves gaming so much that she decided to major in computers, so she would have the ability to stay home and work/play. Yeah, I don’t know how that works!

However, the idea of play to earn in my opinion, will be successful because people love gaming, and they will be willing to pay. So, let’s talk about Shiryo! Shiryo is doxxed! If you are new to crypto and you are unfamiliar with doxxed, it means the development team has a face and name. It is my largest holding because I am a fan of gaming. I have followed card games like Magic the Gathering and Yu-GI-Oh forever! I am not telling you to invest in the token because I have it, but at least check out the game feature! The token is super cheap right now. If you have 3.9 trillion right now, it will cost you 300 bucks! That means this token has 10 zeros. That’s crazy given the fact that this token has been mentioned in Yahoo finance!

It nearly lost a zero yesterday, so it’s only a matter of time before the zeros pop off. What does it mean for those of us who own trillions???? Well, we get to buy more crypto!! The team has put a little something something in place! I will post it here!

As always, I am not a financial advisor! Have a great weekend.

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