Keeping An Eye On Shiryo Inu This Week!


If you are a gamer, and love games like Hearthstone, you will love Shiryo Inu! Shiryo Inu is a modern-day version of the games like Magic The Gathering and YU-GI-OH! It is projected to be perhaps one of the best NFT trading card games that will allows players to step into the play to earn arena! The whole play-to-earn feature is going to be huge in the gaming world. If you are a gamer, think back to WoW. Do you recall all of those spams we used to get in the general chat about buying gold? Some people would actually spend money to get gold, and even sell their accounts.

Well, let me first start by saying, I never bought gold. However, I might have shown a little cleavage to get enough gold to buy a mount once upon a time, anyway! Getting coins in games is a big deal for players. It allows people to buy new skins, new poses, and that’s just a start. If you play card games, you can buy epic cards which help in battles. Believe it or not, the gaming industry makes a lot of money on in game purchases! My household spends a lot of money on games each year! We are a gaming household with three different gaming computers. I play mainly two games at a time, while everyone else plays multiple! My daughter loves gaming so much that she decided to major in computers, so she would have the ability to stay home and work/play. Yeah, I don’t know how that works!

However, the idea of play to earn in my opinion, will be successful because people love gaming, and they will be willing to pay. So, let’s talk about Shiryo! Shiryo is doxxed! If you are new to crypto and you are unfamiliar with doxxed, it means the development team has a face and name. It is my largest holding because I am a fan of gaming. I have followed card games like Magic the Gathering and Yu-GI-Oh forever! I am not telling you to invest in the token because I have it, but at least check out the game feature! The token is super cheap right now. If you have 3.9 trillion right now, it will cost you 300 bucks! That means this token has 10 zeros. That’s crazy given the fact that this token has been mentioned in Yahoo finance!

It nearly lost a zero yesterday, so it’s only a matter of time before the zeros pop off. What does it mean for those of us who own trillions???? Well, we get to buy more crypto!! The team has put a little something something in place! I will post it here!

As always, I am not a financial advisor! Have a great weekend.

Mcontent Is The Finance Token That Will Change The Future Of Funding Entertainment.


While Bitcoin is down, Mcontent investors are keeping a keen eye on Mcontent and their next ATH. Mcontent has already come out with their first digital docuseries on EL Salvador and Bitcoin. They are currently seeing new ideas post on their application via Google and Apple. It’s an exciting time to be invested in any form of crypto right now due to budding interest.

Mcontent is like a few other lesser-known tokens when it comes to the amount of generated information. It is a powerhouse of potential regarding finance tokens. Last week Kickstarted announced they would start working on their blockchain backing for their platform. While they estimate that their blockchain funding platform will finish in a year, Mcontent has projects already lined up. Ripple vs SEC and an animated series about wealth gained by way of crypto will be in the near future.

As some people are still trying to collect as many meme coins as possible, they are missing out on a real functioning token that will reach unforeseen heights, in my opinion. It isn’t every day that we are able to see finance tokens near their infancy enter the market. I cannot wait for the ETH bridge to be up and running because it will bring a lot of people to Mcontent. If ever there was a token that had the potential to make billionaires, I would bet money on Mcontent. The burn function will reduce most of the tokens and there’s no telling where it will go. I’m totally ready!

Anyway, this is my inside voice once again talking endlessly. I am not a financial advisor, I am just a lady who loves crypto. RESEARCH your crypto!

We Need A Robinhood Listing To Answer If Circulation Matters Pre Mass Adoption? Shiba Test.


Many of us are waiting to see if Robinhood decides to list Shiba Inu. The listing will be a sign of things to come for the meme tokens of the future. If Robinhood decides to list Shib on their exchange, and we see a rise towards the one-cent dream we keep hearing about, a critical point will be made about cryptocurrency and circulating supply.

However, if a major burn gets implemented before the listing, the stance on circulating supply stands correct. How much do we know about cryptocurrency and its relationship to everyday mathematical practices? I’m ready to see the question answered! We are witnessing a shift in monetary systems across the globe. The entirety of crypto is now on the center stage with all eyes watching every saga. New coins will copy whatever they see regarding successful projects.

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As cryptocurrency slowly starts to replace everyday forms of payment, we will see new projects being introduced with wider acceptance. Perhaps, this is why I am paying attention to tokens like ETH, XRP, and Mcontent. These tokens have functions that will replace the foundation of how we accomplish everyday practices via finance, wiring, and transferring. They have the means to rewrite the future. As for the future of the circulating supply issue, it will depend on Shiba Inu to some degree. We will learn one or two things by watching Shib shortly.

#1. We will see if hard burns need to take place for a token to reach more than a cent!

#2. We will see that some tokens have supplies that are too massive to overcome.

I believe with the right type of burn function, a token can be successful with circulating obstacles. As always, please remember this is for entertainment only! Do not go out and fix your portfolio based on anything you read on my blog. Seek out financial professionals who do this for a living!

Mcontent And Floating Around In A Meme Cloud


When I started tweeting about Mcontent, we had less than 13,525 holders and thousands of transfers. We are now standing at 13,604 holders with 38,256 transfers. The good news is that we are witnessing more social media mentions. Mcontent has already launched their app and come out with their first docuseries. They have more docuseries lined up for the near future. The team has worked hard to produce a great token. We haven’t seen any fluff regarding misleading information, and we are standing on the brink of the dispatching of an ETH bridge!

While memes look great most of them have little real-world functionality. I have about seven or eight memes, and I think most of the coins do the same thing. The Meta realm is gearing up to be a beast! Some of these memes are positioning themselves to be gaming giants, which will change how we game.

While the world of gaming is witnessing a massive onslaught of change, so is the world of filmmaking. Mcontent is different because it will change financing production as we know it. Similar to memes, Mcontent shares the early entry prices as some of your new meme tokens. However, it doesn’t share the same kind of productivity. It is a finance token by all means! It also seems to have a better burn function. The burn function will be connected to the monetization of the films and what-not. Mcontent has already burned around 30 to 40% of the supply of ten quadrillion tokens.

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The not-so-sunny side of Mcontent is the lack of promotion. Promotion is going to be a big deal for Mcontent because, without it, filmmakers cannot find out about the seed funding. I have their app on my phone because I know about Mcontent, but what about others? For Mcontent to reach the potential I know it can reach, it will need to gain more attention. This token needs to reach the eyes of those who need it the most.

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So, as new docuseries come available, I will link them on my blog. If you are a content maker or have a great idea, download the app! For the would-be producers who might have missed the cutoff dates on film submissions, download the Mcontent app and see what it takes to get your idea approved.

Remember this is for entertainment information only, it is not financial advice. If you are looking to invest in crypto or stocks, talk to your financial institutions.