Are You Ready For Saitama Inu?

If you have been busy lately, you might have missed out on a token that goes by the name Saitama Inu. It is a token in the Inu Family, but this token appears to be different. It’s normal to see tokens talk about NFT projects, swaps, and even blockchains. 

However, Saitama is doing something a little different. Perhaps, a little different is an understatement. It’s supposed to be partnering with VISA, UFC, and hospitals. At least, that is what we are hearing inside the Twitterverse from people close to the project. If this is true, we will see the start of a new type of meme coin. 

Up to now, meme coins have aired somewhat on the side of the less sophisticated types of cryptocurrency. In many ways, they are known for their depiction of animals or anime. Some might even say they are more of a collector’s item right now. You have your tokens that power swaps and house NFT platforms, but as far as partnerships with VISA or Mastercard, I’ve only seen Bitcoin accomplish this.

This is a very interesting time to be in cryptocurrency. Saitama is fairly new, and that’s what makes this situation crazy. On the 13th of November, Saitama is having a launch in Vegas, and they will also have information on their wallet. Saitama isn’t in any top exchanges at this moment. Yet, KuCoin will be adding them shortly. They have close to 200,000 investors, which puts them in a good spot to gain entry into bigger exchanges. 

So, let’s talk price! Currently, $Saitama is listing at $0.000000086651, which is down from its ATH of $0.000000150000. It means a person can get a billion without forking over large amounts of money. It is one of the four coins that I keep in my wallet. It also gains around 2% after certain transactions occur. I’ve made about 8 million $Saitama just by letting it sit inside my wallet.

I have to say, once again, I am very excited about the promise this one might bring. If it can pull off the rumored partnerships, it will be groundbreaking for memes. Instead of seeing memes pop up with art-inspired flare, we might see memes starting to act more like coins with real-life functions.

Remember I am not a financial advisor.

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