Could Shiba Bring In A New Class Of Millionaires

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It’s getting harder and harder to ignore the small voices inside the heads of those SHIB holders who currently find themselves with millions of SHIB tokens. I know this because I am one!!!! The one driving factor for many of these investors is knowledge. You can bet almost every SHIB investor knows about Dogecoin. They are knowledgeable about the potential for tokens to create a pathway to money because of watching Dogecoin.

Many of us started with Dogecoin by way of Robinhood. Robinhood took crypto and made it something the Average Joe could experience without being a baby Bill Gates. While tokens are still tricky, and tokens with circulations like SHIB often seem unrealistic, it doesn’t seem to stop investors from jumping in. Dogecoin wasn’t supposed to reach anywhere near its current price level, according to articles published before it hit $0.25. Doge was often analyzed away from hitting even a lowly dime!

As Dogecoin gained fame and investors, it soon hit an ATH around 71 or 72 cents. I learned two things from being a Dogecoin investor and getting my feet wet in crypto. My first thing was that I needed to read numerous articles and research how other coins moved. The second was that I had to be willing to take chances with money, I could afford to lose, only. Instead of buying burgers, fries, coffee, and other snacks, I started putting money into crypto. I stopped buying expensive purses and carried my wallet around for the majority of the time.

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Now, I am slowly building my SHIB bag to house all the tokens I want to accumulate. I have heard people say things about the Doge Vs. Shib conflict, and if that’s a turn-off to you, so be it. Yet, this is my mindset, to make money, you cannot let your emotions guide you. I am investing in something because I want to achieve some sort of outcome for myself. My goals have little to nothing to do with the wars between innovation. I want to support something because I can see a use for it. If Shib and another coin walked up to the dinner table and we sat down for a conversation, I could see myself entertained by my Shib guest for a while. The token powers a swap, art incubator and rescue for dogs. I am supper interested in how swaps move and the future of NFTs.

Shib is also burning tokens every single day. I don’t know how long it will take SHIB to get to a dime or quarter, but I can tell you they are working on making something happen. Shib has everyone from potential Congressmen, actors, rappers, to countries rallying for a win! I feel really grateful to be part of the community because I have been able to watch it grow. I remember when ten bucks could get you millions and now 30 bucks buys you a million, and that change took place over 30 days or so. So, good luck and hang on.

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If you are new to the crypto world check out platforms like Coinbase because they have a great educational platform set up about cryptocurrency. Robinhood also has educational information and they have a phone # which allows you to talk to someone who can educate you on financial matters. I am not a financial advisor.

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