Many Investors ARe Nervously Awaiting Updates On XRP and ADA This Week


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This week, or perhaps next week, we should be hearing information on the lawsuit between XRP and the SEC. Many investors are chomping at the bits to pounce on XRP after the lawsuit ends. However, there is a question about when the end will take place. If you have been following the litigation, it should come as no surprise regarding the stall tactic that the SEC is now trying to use.

They are currently trying to get their hands on Ripple’s slack data, which could take a long time to gather. We are talking about a lot of information that could be much of nothing more than a stall tactic. In my eyes, it looks like the SEC is trying to pull a rabbit out of a hat because they look shady when it comes to their dealings with XRP. The case is centered around the SEC trying to claim that XRP is a security.

While we are all silently hoping that the judge rules to grant a win for XRP, the case has the potential to last for a while, due to discovery. Discovery is the most hated word ever because it means a lot of work regarding data probing. Requesting the slack data was well within the SEC’s right, but it still doesn’t mean the move wasn’t a stall tacit. Word on the street is that they aren’t going to find anything significant enough to prove anything.

So, on to ADA! The eyes are on the upcoming smart contracts. Right now, it is around $2.824 and going up! I know many people see ADA as a competitor of ETH, and it could be unless XRP gets the greenlight. Before the SEC went after XRP, they were the third-largest cryptocurrency, now ADA has taken that crown. It seems to be shadowing Bitcoin. Ironically, if you follow the movement of XRP, it doesn’t seem to respond to Bitcoin in the same way. XRP is at $1.281 right now. This is very interesting because XRP isn’t available on all trading platforms yet. It’s exciting to be in the world of crypto right now.

I am just a lady who loves crypto. I am not a financial advisor, so don’t do anything I would or wouldn’t do!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

PS. Keep my family in your prayers this week. My daughter starts school tomorrow and we live in Texas. If you have been following our mask drama, you are well aware, some of our schools might be in danger. I happen to live in an area that is controlled by Republicans which means, we are pretty much living in danger due to spreaders. The people here do not really believe in masks or believe in the vaccine. This is why I am desperately hoping my crypto takes off. It makes a move out of this state possible. By the way, I accept XRP as tips. Send away!!!!!!!! rJEYCzXUnuk4wXXKLRhJkopk6PDn9oHEqh

What Defines A Good Leader- Tale Of A Texas Crisis


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Throughout history, we have learned about leaders and how they have influenced culture, innovation, and life as we know it. Leaders come in all shapes and sizes. You have your leaders born into positions of power, and then you have your leaders who evolve with a crisis.

Today we are witnesses to the birth of real leadership in the state of Texas. We are in a situation that seems a little bleak at the present moment. In some areas like mine, a picture is starting to appear from out of the ashes of chaos. The image depicts a vicious wave of COVID-19 which, is ripping through many neighborhoods.

Our Governor Abbott has solidified his course of action, preventing Texans from protecting each other from COVID-19’s Delta variant. He and Senator Ted Cruz have both tried to sell Texans, on the border being the cause of Texans getting sick. However, there are estimated to be around 12 counties with critical levels of transmission near the border. I have posted a map so you can check out the counties. The majority, as you will see of the critical cases, are in Republican rural counties. I have also posted a link to a political map. You can look at the data below.

I live in a rural county, and I can tell you by the observations I’ve made; it’s rare to see people wearing masks. I think some are starting to get the picture, but there’s still a lot of people without masks. I noticed at my daughter’s store , they don’t even offer plexy glass for their cashiers. One of her coworkers just came back from having COVID, and my husband has a coworker out with COVID as we speak. She is the third person in the office to get COVID within four weeks.

COVID is getting scary right now. We are all vaccinated because, at this point, I feel like it’s a matter of time before we get it. School starts in a couple of weeks, and my youngest will be returning to the classroom. She also has the vaccine, but it’s still a little nerving. I look at these leaders in places like Dallas, Houston, Austin, and San Antonio who are standing up to the stupid mandates put in place by Abbott. They are fighting for their people.

The red counties do not have that sort of leadership. We seem to be captives in the middle of a cruel political game. Abbott wants to sell people on the idea of individual responsibility. Yet, if people were responsible, we wouldn’t have any need for prisons and jails. He keeps chanting about not wanting to mandate Texans, but he had no problem preventing people from protecting their cities.

The sad part is that we all know mask mandates work. When our numbers were high last summer, the mask mandate helped to bring them down. Children under 12 cannot get vaccinated, so you would think he would act in the best interest of those children and at least put the mandates back with the schools. Not only did he mandate schools to not require masks, but he wanted to take away the school’s ability to let parents know about infections.

We are living in a real-life nightmare because these people are playing at leading. We’ve seen what bad leadership can do in times of emergency. Yet, instead of Abbott learning from the mistake of former President Trump, he is following, as fast as he can.

Map of Texas counties by political party.