The Difference Between Doge & SHIB

While I am a Dogecoin holder, I cannot help feeling excitement over Shibaswap. It has been a little over 24 hours since Shibaswap went live, and the volume liquidity has already reached over 1 billion. Now, this puts the infant exchange in the realms of Uniswap and others. Keep in mind Uniswap’s volume liquidity is over 1.75 billion. So, again we are talking about 1.15 billion for Shibaswab in just a little over 24 hours.

It took precisely five to eight months for exchanges like Sushiswap, Pancakeswap, and Uniswap to make their way into dollar territory. Right now, Sushiswap is the lowest at $9.18, and Uniswap highest at $23.01. So this makes me feel hopeful. Shibaswap would only have to get to 0.05 to grace me with a million bucks!

I’m hoping we do not see quick movement because I want to add more money next month. My goal would be to acquire around 100 million tokens, but for me to do that, the prices need to somewhat stay the same. Dogecoin’s road was a little bit different due to what it was trying to accomplish and the obstacles placed in its way with shorting.

Dogecoin is going for the crypto payment option, in my opinion. While it is trying to gain more strength as a readily accepted payment option, the press around it has sort of overshadowed the potential. This leads me to believe that when you get famous people too involved with your coins, it can cause the coin to have a negative reaction.

The two can coexist in the crypto world, with Shib being one of the vehicles used to carry Doge on their exchange. While Doge had to worry constantly about shorting, Shib will not have that issue in the future due to its functionality. I see no reason why coin holders cannot put past animosity aside and support both coins.

Both coins have a spot at the table, we just need to wait for the meal to be served.

I am not a financial advisor. I’m just sharing why I like certain coins.

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