Shibaswap Is Here

It is too early to tell if the launch of the Shibaswap exchange will create the pump many investors dream about seeing since Dogecoin. While the start up and launch have been a victorious sign for many Shib owners, there are problems with transfers. One of the ongoing concerns is the gas fee associated with the Ethereum highway!

For some investors, they are reporting seeing gas fees showing up twice. Others are saying that are not seeing their coins being staked. So, there are some bugs. While some are optimistic about the chance for Shib to price somewhere around Pancakeswap or Sushieswap in the future, others are a little leery. Both Pancakeswap and Sushiswap are both priced around nine dollars and above for their tokens. The tokens like Sushi and Shib will power the swaps.

Shibaswap allows people to do trade for Bone and Leash. It is an exciting time to be invested in the crypto world, but caution is still needed. Before you jump on any bandwagon, read up on it, and if you still do not understand it, YouTube it! Some great Youtubers are explaining the swap in detail, so check them out.

I am, as always, am on the cheap side I am a holder of Doge and SHIB. I have learned to educate myself on matters that hinder my purse. Right now, Shib is at a great price. I do not know how much longer it will be at its current price with Shibaswab going live today. Finding a good exchange was the issue for me when it came to investing in SHIB. So, I went with Kucoin months ago. You also have Voyager and a few other good exchanges when it comes to investing in the token.

Investing in crypto isn’t something I would dump my bill money into, but with 20 to 50 dollars, you could get a million tokens. I put in 235 bucks which allows me to have a little over 26 million tokens. If it goes up to even 0.10, I will have millions! So, it is fun to think about the what-ifs, but I wouldn’t get carried away. SHIB is currently at 0.00000866, so who knows what the week will bring.

Do your research before any investing and talk to a professional. I am not a financial advisor just a geek trying to figure out how cryptocurrency can work in my life.

Please do not participate in any scams. One of the ongoing scams involves people asking for investors to send them 5 million coins for the chance at getting 10 million. They are asking for random amounts so be careful. RESEARCH. Read the threads and be careful out there.

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