Getting To Know What A Bottle Bath Feels Like.

Photo by Ava Motive on

I have a new morning routine. Since we had to shut our water off due to having broken pipes, we are taking bottle baths. Don’t even ask. I spruce it up with a little aloe on the side, and then I feel like a million bucks. Not really, but at least I don’t feel so dirty. However, I have learned that I can be a little self-conscience when it comes to getting close under these circumstances. My husband will come in close for a kiss or hug, and I hide out of fear of body odor. I’m like babe, I might stink, and he reassures me that I smell like aloe and deodorant, his deodorant.

It is still cold here, with snow preventing us from going out to get things like water. We are down to like 2 bottles of water between the two of us, so we are having to use snow for flushing and boiling water to wash dishes. It reminds me of the shows like Alone and Naked and Afraid. Only we are not naked, and we are not alone! I have always wanted to be on ALONE, so now I get my chance to do what they do, minus the building.

As of now, we are waiting for the plumber, and it could be a long wait. There are a lot of houses that need attention right now because their pipes burst inside their homes. Our pipe burst under the house which, was the pipe connected to our washroom. The only way to cut it off was to cut off the water. In some odd way, it feels comforting to know we are not going through this alone. I don’t know if that is something anyone needs to say out loud, but it is true. Maybe this horrible freeze will bring us together and help us remember that there are things more important than fighting.

Good things can come from bad things, I hope that is the result of this.

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